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Mistake leads to Rob Anderson winning Powerball jackpot

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Rob and Tuesday Anderson, of Georgetown, Kentucky, have been spending small change each week on lottery tickets for the last twelve years. Rob would buy a Powerball lottery ticket and a Win for Life ticket. Anderson said, “I always pick my own numbers based on important dates.” Due to an error at the store, the Andersons won the $128.6 million Powerball lotto jackpot, with the winning Powerball numbers of 32, 36, 37, 41, 53 and Powerball 50.












Rob, aged 39, said, “I was on my way to the Wal-Mart on Highway 62 in Georgetown to pick up some presents. I saw the Pro Travel Marathon on my way to Walmart, so I thought I’d swing in and get a couple of lottery tickets as stocking fillers. I needed to get gifts for three people, so I thought I’d get three single Powerball lottery tickets to put in their stockings. I told the clerk what I wanted, and instead, he mistakenly printed one ticket with three lines of numbers. I told him it was a mistake, but I decided to just keep the ticket and get the three others I needed.”


When Rob got home, he threw the Ketucky Powerball lottery ticket on to the dresser and didn’t think any more about it until the following morning. “As I was walking down the hall with the ticket, it seemed like with every step I took I realised I’d matched another number. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. When I finally realised that I had all of the winning Kentucky Powerball numbers, I could only think of one thing to yell to my wife – ‘Oh damn, I think we’ve hit the lottery!’” Rob and Tuesday Anderson still didn’t believe they had won the Powerball lotto jackpot, so Tuesday rang her father and asked him to read her the winning Powerball jackpot numbers. Rob said, “Tuesday then told her dad, he’d better get over to our house fast.”


Rob said neither he, nor Tuesday, had slept well since learning of their Powerball lotto jackpot win. He said he had been taking it “day by day. My nerves are shot and I drank a few beers to help calm me down.” Anderson added that, “we’ve thrown up a couple times and we’ve been able to eat little to nothing.”


The Andersons have been together for thirteen years and met at Johnson Controls Inc, in Scott County. This is where they still work but probably not for much longer following their Powerball lottery success. “We just want to stay grounded and don’t want to forget where we come from. We don’t live a flamboyant lifestyle, that’s not us. We’re really grounded people. My wife taught me well, so to speak, to hang on to that dollar and see how far it gets you. We’ll still clip coupons and still look for the clearance rack.”


Rob and Tuesday took eleven days to come forward following their jackpot winning Powerball results. During that time they consulted with an attorney, “It’s really important to me that we stay grounded through this process. I’d thought in the past about what I’d do if this ever happened to us, but the odds just seemed so long that I never thought it would occur.” The Powerball winners haven’t yet decided whether they want to take a lump sum of around $63 or whether they will take the annual payments over 29 years for their Powerball lotto jackpot.


The Andersons want to take a holiday in Hawaii and buy a house and new vehicles. Other than that, they haven’t decided what to do with the money. Both of them want to go to school and Rob joked that finance might be a good major to have under the present circumstances.

At the lottery headquarters press conference in Louisville, they declined to answer the question of whether they had any children and were very vague about their lives in general. They said that they didn’t want to do the press conference but realised that the press would probably find them if they didn’t.

The Powerball winners left the press conference with a couple of relatives in a white Ford Excursion limousine.

Jack Zakir, the owner of Pro Travel Marathon in Success Drive, Georgetown, who sold the winning Powerball jackpot ticket, will receive $88,814.