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Powerball Winners – Cindy and Mark Hill

Missouri Powerball Winners Cindy and Mark Hill, from Dearborn, won $293.7 million in the 28th November 2012 draw. The draw was the biggest in US history with a jackpot of $587 million, and they had one of the two tickets matching the winning numbers from the Powerball results of 5, 16, 22, 23, and 29, with a Powerball of 6. The other winner, Matthew Good, bought his ticket in Arizona.



Cindy Hill, 51, decided to play Powerball with 5 tickets bought from money Mark, 52, gave her. She stopped at Trex Mart gas station on her way home from picking up her daughter from school. At 4.45 p.m. she bought 5 Powerball quick picks and thought nothing more of them, leaving the tickets in the car overnight. Cindy checked the numbers the following morning and found one of the tickets had the winning Powerball numbers. She immediately called Mark and said “I think I’m having a heart attack. I think we just won the lottery.”

Cindy immediately drove to her mother-in-law’s house and asked her to verify the winning Powerball numbers. Mark also arrived and would not believe they had won the Powerball jackpot until he saw for himself.

After telling their sons of their good fortune, Mark announced their win on his Facebook page – “We are truly blessed ... we were lucky winners of the Powerball!”



Cindy and Mark Hill were teenage sweethearts at North Platte High School. They married and had three sons, Jason, now aged 26, Cody is 30 and Jared is 31. In 2007 they adopted a Chinese girl whom they named Jaiden, she was 6 at the time of the Missouri Powerball lottery win.



Cindy and Mark Hill have lived in the little town of Dearborn all their lives. Dearborn has a population of 496. Mark worked as a mechanic at Hillshire Brands, a hot dog and deli packaging factory. Cindy worked in an office until she was laid off in 2010. She decided to spend a year with Jaiden and then when Jaiden started school she began looking for a job.

In fact, she had an interview of a job the day she heard she had won the Powerball jackpot. Things were not easy financially for the Powerball winners from Missouri but everyone who knows them describes them as good and caring people.



Cindy and Mark Hill were presented with their Powerball jackpot winning cheque in the sports hall of their old school. Cindy said “For some reason (God) put it in our hands, I think to make sure it goes to the right things.” Cindy added that “we’ll still be going down to the corner cafe for breakfast. It’s just us. We’re as common as anybody – we just have a little bit more money.”


“I just want to go home and be back to normal,” Cindy added, “and maybe take a nap” but “I think we’re going to have a pretty good Christmas”.




The Powerball winners from Missouri have set up college funds for their grandchildren and nieces and nephews and have also set up a scholarship fund at their old high school.



Cindy and Mark have done a lot for their local community and have donated substantial amounts of their Powerball jackpot to various civic projects in Camden Point, paying for a new fire station and a baseball field. They have also donated $50,000 towards a sewage plant which means the residents of Dearborn will soon be able to say goodbye to their septic tanks. The mayor said “I’ve said all along that these lottery winnings could not have gone to a better couple.

They are giving back to the community, just like they said they would.” Walt Stubbs, chief of the volunteer fire station said, “It’s a situation where if we had to do it ourselves, it would have taken 25 years.” He added that the new location means quicker response time for both the fire and ambulance service.

$425 million Powerball winner B. Raymond Buxton used his February 2014 win to set up a charitable foundation which helped children, and many winners decide to do good like this with their huge windfalls.


The Missouri Powerball lottery winners still have their feet firmly planted on the ground. Mark mentioned buying a Camaro but ended up keeping his old car and buying a sensible pick up instead. Cindy and Mark may adopt another child. One of their first priorities was to take little Jaiden to see the sea for the first time and buy her the pony she had always wanted.

Mark’s mother, Shirley Hill, said “I’m really proud of them. They have stayed grounded. That’s their nature.”

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