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Anonymous South Carolina Powerball Winner
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No one knows who he is but the Anonymous South Carolina Powerball Winner from Columbia reputedly danced around the kitchen with his dog the night he realised he had won the $400 million Powerball lottery jackpot that meant he was a multi-millionaire. For the man and his dog, it was even more remarkable because this was only the second time he had played the lottery.

The Powerball winner later admitted that it was all something of a fluke. He was stopped at a Murphy USA station in the Columbia suburb of Lexington to fill up with gas when his wife called and asked him to pick up some hot dog buns. The station didn’t sell them and instead the man decided to split $20 and play Powerball.

It just goes to show that a Powerball lottery win can often depend on other kinds of luck aside from selecting the winning Powerball numbers.




He was home alone the Thursday after the November 29th, 2012 draw when he decided to check the Powerball results and found that he had the winning numbers of 7, 10, 22, 32, 35 and a Powerball of 19. At the time it was the third biggest Powerball jackpot ever, and netted $50,000 for the store that sold the ticket as well as raising around $15 million for state funded educational needs.

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Lottery officials wouldn’t even confirm whether the Powerball winner was going to take the full amount in instalments over 30 years or the lump sum pay out of around $233 million before tax. South Carolina is one of only six States that allow those who have had a win on the lottery to remain anonymous, and probably the only other piece of information that has come to light is that the numbers were from Powerball quick pick tickets.




All we do know is that the Columbia man, his wife and their dog are rich beyond their wildest dreams. What they will do with the Powerball jackpot money is anyone’s guess but they are said to want to give something back to their communities by setting up charitable organisations that can do some good. This is a common vow from winners, with another example being $338 million winner Pedro Quezada who vowed to pay rent for all the neighbours in his block following his big Powerball win in March 2013.

South Carolina’s last big winner also bought his Powerball lotto ticket at a Murphy service station in Lexington but on the other side of town. On that occasion, in 2009, Rev. Solomon Jackson Jr. won $260 million. Since winning Rev Jackson has been busy sharing his Powerball lottery jackpot money with needy causes to do with education.

The week of the November 28th draw he had just given half a million dollars to Benedict College in Columbia to buy two luxury coaches.