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Powerball Winners the Coteral and Hiles Family, David W. Coterel, aged 65, his son David W. Coterel Jr., aged 42 and his daughter, Lynn Hiles, Aged 46 won a jackpot of $314.3 million on 28th August 2007. This is the eighth largest lottery win in the world. The Powerball lotto jackpot winning numbers, were 2, 8, 23, 29, 35 and a Powerball of 19.



You hear stories of Powerball winners who go and collect their winning immediately, but the Coterel and Hiles family waited two weeks before they came forward. They consulted with lawyers and accountants as recommended by all lottery boards.

Lynn Hiles found it hard to keep her Powerball lotto jackpot success a secret from friends and co-workers, “You have to bite your tongue and not say anything, because you don’t want any undue attention until you have to.” David W. Coterel, Jr. said he found it difficult to sleep after becoming a Powerball winner, “You lay down and your mind races. What am I going to do? What am I going to do? There are a lot of questions.”

The Coterel and Hiles family have decided to take the cash payout which is $145,985,099 before taxes and will receive around $104 million after taxes for their Powerball lottery prize. Even though David W. Coterel, Snr., bought the ticket, he is splitting the winnings three ways. Hiles said, “Dad always shares.”



Coterel Sn. Drove from his home in Dayton, Ohio to Richmond, Indiana to buy a Powerball lottery ticket. He said before his wife died three years ago that they often used to drive over the state line just to buy lottery tickets if the jackpot was big.

Coterel bought his ticket from Speedway convenience store, 4382 National Road East, Richmond. He said it was very much a last minute decision to buy from Speedway as they had sold a winning ticket in 1998 and he wasn’t sure lightning could strike in the same place twice. “At the last minute I turned in there. I wasn’t even in the turn lane when the lights changed. I just whipped in there and stood in line for a little bit and got the ticket.” There are many stories of Powerball winners and how they won but both Coterel Jn. and Hiles believe that it was their Mother who directed their Dad into that store to buy his Powerball lottery tickets.

Coterel bought a quick pick from Speedway and then went down the road and bought another $10 quick pick. Speedway convenience store will receive $100,000 for selling the Powerball lotto jackpot winning ticket.



Even though the Coterel and Hiles family had taken two weeks to collect their winnings following the Powerball results that changed their lives, they still hadn’t given much thought on how to spend their money. All three mentioned buying a new car, and David Jr. also wanted to buy a new truck. They said they may do a bit of travelling. David Snr. Said he was going to get most enjoyment out of watching his kids fulfil their dreams, he just wished his wife was there to share the Powerball lottery success with him.

David W. Coterel is now retired but used to work for General Motors. His son, David, was working part time at an auto parts plant and left three days after hearing of the Powerball lotto jackpot fortune. Lynn Hiles quit her job as a night time postal worker two days after hearing the good news. Neither of the adult kids have any children.

When asked about his reaction to hearing the Powerball results and realising that he had won the top prize, David Snr. said “I lost it. I’m an emotional person, but I really lost it.” He first called his daughter and, as it was quite late at night, “she thought someone was sick or had died. She couldn’t believe it.” David Jr. said, “It can happen to anybody. If I can win, anybody can win.” David has since bought the Harley Davidson dealership in Xenia, Ohio, near his home town of Dayton thanks to his Powerball lottery triumph.