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Powerball Winners David & Erica Harrig

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Powerball Winners David and Erica Harrig , of Gretna, Nebraska, were one of two Powerball Jackpot prize winners of the 11th December 2013 draw of $122.9 million. David Harrig said that one of the numbers he chose was a mistake!

If they decide to take the cash payout, they will get $61.45 million which amounts to $34.18 million after taxes. The other winners are Maureen and Stephen Hinckley of Sterling, Massachusetts.




David Harrig (aged 48), decided to play Powerball during his lunch hour at Speedee Mart on U.S. 6 in Gretna which is owned by Dave and Theresa Guilizia who are now $50,000 richer. Harrig said five of the numbers were family birthdays and he always put his lucky number 3 in, but for some reason, this time he filled in number 1. “Some people call it a mistake, some people call it a miracle. My friends have called it my IQ,” David said. The winning Powerball numbers were 1, 10, 13, 18, 19 and the Powerball 27.

While birthdays are a common technique for people when choosing which numbers to play, different people have different methods. You can see the numbers which have been drawn the most and least in previous draws by checking out our Powerball draw results statistics.




After Harrig realised they had won the Powerball lotto jackpot, he texted Erica at work, “We’re millionaires”.

Erica told him off for playing such a silly joke so he sent her a photograph of the winning Powerball lottery ticket. One of Erica’s work colleagues checked the Powerball results on the computer and found David was telling the truth. Erica said her response was, “Holy crap!”




David felt that winning the Powerball lottery jackpot prize had been scary but fun, “That’s what we’re all about, having fun,” he said. “It took three days to develop saliva again,” David said, “It takes a physical toll, it really does. I know I have lost weight.” David knows what it’s like to battle without money. He filed for bankruptcy in the early 1990’s. He was the Air Force for ten years and works two jobs at the moment. David works in the interior completions department at Duncan Aviation and also works part-time doing oil changes and fixing tyres. David and Erica Harrig have four children between them, two grown up children are from David’s first marriage and they have a grandchild due in March. David wants to ensure that the Powerball lotto money provides a long lasting legacy for generations to come and has taken advice from an army of lawyers and financial advisers to try and achieve this. The Harrig’s have worked hard and lived frugally all of their lives, so this Powerball prize win is truly a blessing for them. As David said, he has gone from worrying about how to keep a roof over their heads and keeping them clothed and fed, to worrying about using the money properly to provide a legacy. “We’ve heard stories, and we don’t want to be part of those other stories where five years down the road you’ve got nothing,” David said.

was also careful with her money, choosing to explore all her financial options before even claiming her huge prize in July 2014.





Erica (aged 36) has been a nurse’s aid and secretary for 15 years and loves her job. She initially said she would not give up work following the life changing Powerball results but has since changed her mind.

“Let me just enjoy the roller coaster and not have to worry about setting my alarm for 4.10 am,” Erica said. David Harrig said, “I went into where I work part-time, not too far from my house. I’ve worked with these guys for 16 years. I told them, I’m going to tell you two things I thought I’d never say: I won the lottery, and I’m going to retire.”
December 2013 Powerball winner of $71.5 million, Kevin Carlson was more decisivie in his decision to retire, doing so straight after his win.




“I prayed that I stay grounded,” David said, “I said Lord, keep me grounded through this time.” “We just want basics, we’re not looking to go all opulent.” The Powerball lotto winners will replace their aging cars. David has already ordered his car, “For me, I’m having a red Corvette delivered – a new one.” Erica wants a new home with a front porch, a grand staircase, a hot tub and a swimming pool. When David’s Mum was told of the news about the Powerball results and asked what she would like, she said, “a record player”, so that is what she will be getting first. The Harrigs also plan to travel. When asked where to, Erica said, “Anywhere, Africa would be fun. Hawaii, we’ve never been. Alaska. Paris, y’know, something like that.” David, on the other hand, wasn’t sure of the African safari idea and suggested they buy a zebra and put it in their back yard and stay at home instead. The Harrigs also want to use their Powerball lotto success to give back to the community and plan to set up a foundation which will give money to various causes.

“We want to be able to provide for generations of our family,” David said. “We know there’s a responsibility, with doing our part for our community.” The Harrig’s both stressed how they are determined not to be changed by the fortune gained from their lucky Powerball ticket and how they really needed their friends and family more now, than before.