Powerball Winner Emilia Delgado

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Neo natal nurse, Emilia Delgado, gets her Powerball reward

Forty five year old Powerball Winner Emilia Delgado has been a neo natal intensive care nurse in Louisiana for over thirteen years and on 31st May 2008, she won the jackpot.  Her Powerball reward was $34.1 million and she won this with the numbers 3, 9, 14, 17, 25, and the Powerball of 8.  This is the third jackpot to be won in Louisiana in the last eight months.

Taking Mother to the Doctors

Emilia Delgado said that on the way to taking her mother to the doctor, she decided to try and find some cheaper fuel. She stopped at Brothers Food Mart, 115 on Terry Park in Gretna and filled up.  While Delgado was waiting, she bought a Powerball quick pick ticket.  Brothers Food Mart will receive $25,000 for selling the winning ticket.

Powerball Winner Emilia Delgado Checks Tickets Online

Emilia Delgado always checks her ticket online but when she saw that her numbers matched the Powerball jackpot, she just didn’t believe it.  She had also heard stories of Powerball winners, who thought they had won millions, only to find that the jackpot was shared between lots of people.
Emilia first went out and bought a newspaper which confirmed that there was only one winner and that winner was her.  Still not convinced, she drove past one of the giant Powerball billboards and this time she believed that indeed, she was the recipient of the Powerball jackpot reward.
Emilia Delgado decided to take the onetime cash payout of $16,195,787.02 and says she plans to help ease her family’s financial burdens.  Delgado did not want to attend a press conference, saying that she wanted people to respect her privacy.