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Powerball Winner Frank Griffin hardly ever plays the lottery, but on 6th February 2010, he went to buy petrol at Wilco on Smokey Park Highway in Ashville, North Carolina and decided to use his $5 to play Powerball for the next draw.

One of these tickets won him the Powerball lottery jackpot of $141.4 million, with the winning numbers of 14, 22, 52, 54, 59 and a Powerball of 4.




Frank Griffin, aged 66, has been married to his wife Loretta, aged 65, for 46 years. Griffin is a retired fire fighter and spent 23 years in the fire department as a driver and engineer. He has also run a janitorial company for the last forty years. He now intends to leave this business to his kids to run, although his kids seemed a little surprised at this announcement at the press conference, where two of his three children were present. They chose not to be identified as they wanted to retain their privacy.

Loretta and Frank Griffin held hands and smiled and laughed throughout the news conference for their North Carolina Powerball lottery win at Lottery Headquarters in Raleigh. Frank said it “felt fantastic” knowing that they had won and he was “going to play more golf.” He also said he was now in a position to spend more time with his wife and family and is planning to take Loretta on a wonderful holiday to Hawaii.

April 2010 winner of $258 million Chris Shaw was also happy at the prospect of being able to spend more time with his family.





Frank woke up on Sunday 7th February and checked the Powerball results while he was having his first coffee of the day. When he saw that he had the winning Powerball lottery numbers and had won the $141.4 million Powerball lottery jackpot, he immediately woke his wife and told her.

He then went back to the garage where he had bought the ticket to ensure that it was genuine. He didn’t want to tell anyone else until he was absolutely sure that he was the winner.




Frank Griffin plans to take a lump sum of $69 million for his Powerball lottery jackpot, which will give him $47 million after taxes. Many winners choose this option such as Steven Lloyd when he won $55.9 million in November 2011. He is the third winner of the jackpot from North Carolina since it began there in May 2006. Griffin was asked at the news conference if the win would change his life, his answer was, “It won’t change that much.” It was very obvious that his wife, Loretta, did not agree with him as she laughed loudly at his comment. She said their North Carolina Powerball lottery success would obviously make their lives better, “We just won’t have to worry about bills. And, you know, Frank won’t have to work as hard.”

Loretta and Frank Griffin hadn’t had time to tell very many people that they had scooped the Powerball lottery jackpot. They hadn’t told their church or their bank manager. “I’ll be talking to him as soon as I get back,” Frank said. He was asked why he claimed his prize so quickly following the Powerball draw, as most people delay a while until they have consulted with lawyers and financial advisers, he said, “I figured I’d better get here before I lost the ticket.”

Griffin plans to donate money to his church, Crossroads Assembly and probably other charities, but he hasn’t had time to discuss his long term plans for their Powerball lottery jackpot money yet.




Frank Griffin says he may buy a new house later but at the moment he wants to spend more time with his wife, children and grandchildren. His granddaughter, Chelsea, is a junior at Enka High School in Candler, North Carolina, just outside Asheville. Chelsea is a member of their softball team, Sugar Jets. Granddad Griffin plans to donate $700,000 to the school so they can build a new softball field. The infrastructure will include changing rooms, a press box, a laundry room, seat back chairs and a video room.

The school are going to raise the rest of the money by selling naming rights for individual seats. Rumour has it that every club within the school is trying to get Chelsea to join so that Granddad Griffin will donate lots of money to them!



Frank Griffin’s friend, Larry, was with him when he bought the ticket that had the winning Powerball numbers on it, and tried to persuade him not to buy it, feeling it was a waste of money. Larry said to Griffin, “you aren’t going to win that.” On Sunday 7th February, Larry told Griffin that someone in Asheville had won $141.4 million from the Powerball lottery jackpot. Frank Griffin said, “I looked at him and smiled, and he said, “What are you smiling about?” And I said, ‘because I won it.’”

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