Powerball Winners The Hubbard Family

Powerball Winners the Hubbard Family

$25.5 million win for close knit Powerball Winners The Hubbard Family

Powerball Winners The Hubbard Family, a close knit family, from South Pittsburgh, Tennessee won a Powerball lottery reward of $25.5 million on 30th March 2005. This is one of those stories of Powerball winners where you know the right people won. Bobbi and Richie Hubbard went to the State Lottery Headquarters in Nashville along with two of their three sons, Brian and Brent and their wives Stacey and Angel.

Family Business

The Powerball winners from Tennessee own Hub City Automotive Parts and it was there that Bobbi Hubbard bought Quick Pick tickets to play Powerball for 10 drawings, starting on 2nd March 2005. So not only did the family win $25.5 million, they also won another $25,000 for selling the winning ticket.
The store that sold The FEMA Team their $10 million winning ticket in 2005 received a staggering $100,000 reward.

Powerball Winners The Hubbard Family In Shock

Bobbi Hubbard, who is 41 years of age, said on seeing that they had the lucky numbers from the Powerball results, “I screamed.  Then I yelled to my husband and everyone in the store that we had won the Tennessee Powerball lottery jackpot. Richie, Bobbi’s husband, aged 51 said that Bobbi was in a state of shock and literally “fell to the floor.”  He said the whole family were going around the store shouting, “This is it.  This is it.”

Powerball Results

What To Spend It On

The lucky Powerball numbers, which gave the Hubbard’s their Tennessee Powerball lottery reward, were 22, 28, 32, 33, 39, and 42. 
To see just how lucky these numbers are historically, you can take a look at our Powerball numbers statistics to see if any of them appear.
They are not sure whether they want to take the cash payout or the annual annuity. Most winners seem to choose the cash payout for their prize, such as Brad Duke when he won $220 million in 2005
What they do know is that they will pay off outstanding bills and their mortgage.
Son Brian said, “We’ll keep working some.  But we’ll take a few more vacations.”  Bobbi says she has no worries that this win will split the family, as they are very close.  Bobbi added that they will continue to grow their business and “do some good with it.”

Not The Only Winners

Twelve other people can be added to the stories of Powerball winners who chose lucky Powerball numbers for this draw, as they matched five numbers.  Five of these winners received $500,000 and seven received $100,000.

A Few Years Down The Line

Stories of Powerball winners being careless and losing their money are a plenty but the Hubbard family have been really careful with their Tennessee Powerball lottery money and it has hardly changed their lives.  Bobbi Hubbard said that, after deciding to take the lump sum of $13.8 million for their Powerball jackpot, they immediately employed experts to manage their money.  
“We invested our money.   Now we live off the interest.  We have a certain amount each month to live off.  Hopefully it will last forever.  We’ve tried to be careful about it.”  They still live in the same house but they did buy a red Dodge Durango to attend the cheque presentation ceremony for their Tennessee Powerball lottery jackpot.  They also recently bought a modest house in Florida which they visit once a month.

Powerball Winners the Hubbard Family

Mom And Dad Retired - Kids Still Working

The Hubbard’s have now sold their auto parts business and consider themselves retired.  Richie still enjoys tinkering with car engines and their three sons are all pursuing careers.  One is in Israel on an exchange programme before becoming a minister, another is still in the auto parts business and the third son wants to work in law enforcement.  “I think they’ve all got good work ethics,” Richie said.
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