Powerball Winner Jackie Alston

Powerball Winner Jackie Alston

North Carolina produces first Powerball winner with staggering $74.5 million jackpot!

Powerball Winner Jackie Alston, an officer from a correctional facility has made North Carolina lottery history by being the first ever Powerball winner from North Carolina. Jackie Alston from Halifax County left her job within 24 hours of her spectacular Powerball jackpot win. Since then she has been planning and working with a select team of advisors to help her decide what to do with the windfall. The draw held on November 29th 2006 resulted in the Powerball winning numbers of 2, 8, 9, 12, 19 while the Powerball was 25.
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Party at Lottery HQ

Lottery officials were just as excited as this special winner, going to great lengths to decorate their headquarters with colourful balloons and firing confetti into the air as Jackie was presented with an oversized ceremonial cheque. "We hope it will interest a few more players in trying their luck," lottery director Tom Shaheen said of the win.

No rush for Powerball Winner Jackie Alston to check her ticket

The 38 year old was in no rush to come forward following the Powerball results draw however and waited nearly 2 months before claiming her prize. A few days ago she appeared at a news conference to discuss her Powerball jackpot. “I’m not sure what I am going do yet,” she said with a smile. “That’s why I have all these advisors to help me decide.” She spent just small change on Powerball tickets for the draw that night and still cannot believe she won. “I just started playing the lottery in this past year.” She added, “That night I just stopped at the convenience store on my way home from work.”
She's not the only winner to have taken their time in coming forward. Carl Hunter won $97 million in 2008 and waited even longer, taking four months to come forward.
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Convenient convenience store!

That special convenience store where she decided to play Powerball is Shell Travel World off I-95 at Exit 168 in Halifax. North Carolinas newest millionaire says she has never wavered from the same numbers and has played with those which correspond with the ages of children in her extended family. She checked the Powerball draw results, when hearing news reports that the winning ticket had been sold in Halifax County. "I had to call my brother and have him check with him a few times” Alston said. "It was so exciting. I mean it was just overwhelming." She then hid the ticket in a safety-deposit box at her local bank.

Plans for Powerball Winner Jackie Alston

Jackie, who is single, said she hopes to continue living in the area because she is close to a lot of friends and family who are looking out for her. She is going to take the lump sum in cash from the North Carolina Powerball Lottery, which is over £36 million and will be subject to state lottery tax. She left lottery HQ in a limousine with her family, friends and advisors, she was still smiling but tight lipped about her destination.
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