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Powerball Winner Jimmy Freeman

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Powerball Winner Jimmy Freeman, of Falls River, Massachusetts, was the lucky winner of the lottery jackpot of $25.6 million on 8th June 2011, with the winning Powerball results numbers 14, 37, 44, 45, 53, and Powerball 29.

Freeman, who is 58 years of age, lives on a disability pension after an accident some years ago. He is a woodworker and his last job was with the US Navy as a civilian worker.


The Powerball lottery winner from Massachusetts decided to play Powerball the day before the draw, and put the ticket in his wallet after buying it. At 7.30 a.m. on the morning after the draw, his good friend Russ Gamson rang him to say he had heard that the winning Powerball ticket was bought in Falls River. Freeman said he got out of bed and got the ticket out of his wallet and checked it. As soon as he realised that he had the Powerball winning numbers he rang his friend and said, “Oh my God Russ, it’s me – I won the jackpot.” Jimmy Freeman doesn’t have a driving licence or a car at the moment, so his friend Russ offered to drive him immediately to Lottery Headquarters in Braintree.

After flopping back on the bed and taking a few deep breaths, Freeman got up and headed to Braintree with his friend and the winning Powerball jackpot ticket.





The Powerball winner from Massachusetts told reporters that he intended to buy a 2011 Hyundai Elantra with a remote starter and a CD player. When asked if he’d rather have a Rolls or a Cadillac, he said no, the Hyundai was the last car he had and he loved it. Freeman is living in public housing at the moment and says he will buy himself a home and some furniture with some of the Powerball lotery jackpot money. Freeman plans to stay with friends outside Falls River until he has decided what to do with his Massachusetts Powerball lottery win. He said he has already had congratulations messages from nieces and nephews whom he had never met. As Freeman said, he doesn’t even have any nieces and nephews, so he wants to keep a low profile for a while. He plans to discuss his options with financial advisers, “I don’t want to put it in one financial institution – it’s a lot of money. I don’t know what I want to do with it at the moment.”

Mary Ann Thompson won $124.9 million in 2014 and also seeked financial advice before spending any of her money.




Just like April 2010 winner of $258 million Chris Shaw, Jimmy Freeman has opted for the cash payout of $13.4 million which will be $9.4 million after taxes for his Powerball lottery jackpot. He bought his lucky ticket at Joe’s Market, 1132 Robeson Street, Falls River and they will receive $50,000 for selling the ticket with the winning Powerball numbers.
Freeman says his winning strategy was to play the lottery every day and buy Quick Picks. He said he has always prayed and dreamed of winning the jackpot and today his dream came true. Mr. Patel, who owns Joe’s market with his family, said on Thursday morning that he had no idea who had won the Powerball lottery jackpot. Jimmy Freeman didn’t think to tell the shop, his only concern was getting his winning ticket verified by the lottery board. “I have wonderful customers,” Patel said, “I am so happy for whoever this is.” His family bought the store six months ago and have done a lot of renovations since purchasing it, so the $50,000 will certainly come in handy. Later on that day, Patel’s wife, mother-in-law and 11 month old son arrived at the store all wearing “Play the Numbers” stickers. His mother-in-law had her sticker attached to a beautiful gold silk sari. Jimmy Freeman has had two $100,000 wins before with Mega Millions.

Freeman’s winning Powerball ticket was the first Powerball lottery jackpot to be won in Massachusetts since it was introduced into the state in January 2010. Seeing as Massachusetts sells more lottery tickets than 45 other states, it was about time there was a winner from the state.





Freeman’s family and friends say he really deserves this win as the last twenty years have been tough for him. His wife, daughter and mother all live in the Falls River area. Freeman says he will probably buy his 22 year old daughter a car, although she doesn’t have her licence yet. The Massachusetts Powerball lottery winner certainly intends to ensure that his good friend, Russ Gamson, is well looked after. At the press conference, he seemed more concerned that Russ had had to take a day off work and had to go to work the following day, than he was about his Powerball jackpot win. What a good friend to have. He said, “I’m dazed and confused and I’m worried about my good friend, Russ, who has to go to work tomorrow. He’s been with me all day. He took time off work to come here.”

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