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Powerball Winner – John Jack Long

Some Powerball Quick Picks and ice cold popsicles were the order of the day for Powerball Winner John Jack Long from Fontana. Long hadn’t played in a while and never dreamed he would bag the jackpot – after all you have to be in it to win it.

When Long went into his local Cardenas Market in July 2014 though, just to pick up some popsicles for his sweet tooth, he decided to play Powerball and bought some tickets on a whim.

And it changed his life with a big Powerball win.



Like many players, Long purchased his tickets and quickly forgot about them. After all, there are some more important things in the world than being a multi-millionaire, right? News started to filter through some time after the draw that it had been won by someone from the Cardenas Market store Long had visited earlier. What’s more, the word further filtered round that the winner was a regular customer and used an electric wheelchair.

That got Long’s attention because that was a description of himself, but he was still in no rush to check the Powerball results.

It isn't uncommon for winners to be aware of their win but still decide to wait to come forward. Mary Ann Thompson won $124.9 million in July 2014 however waited to get her financial options in order before collecting her win.



It wasn’t until he went back to the store for more popsicles that John “Jack” Long discovered he did indeed have the Powerball winning numbers for that particular draw. And not only that, he was the sole winner of a cool $60 million jackpot. The winning numbers of the Powerball draw were 10, 53, 17, 25, 45 and the number 9.

The odds of Long winning were long indeed – almost one in 175 million. You can see if those numbers have had any other big wins from past draws by running them through our Powerball results checker.



Long wasn’t the only winner in past years who has had trouble in getting to grips with a big Powerball lottery win. He kept looking at the ticket trying to let it all sink in. He had just won $60 million and he never had to worry about money again. Long decided to hop over to the lottery office in San Bernardino where he opted, like many winners, to take the lump sum – about $35 million before the state took its share in taxes. While a large majority of winners choose this option, there are some who choose annuity payments, such as September 2014 $228.4 million winner Vinh Nguyen.