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Powerball Winner Joseph Saxer

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Powerball Winner Joseph Saxer, an Air Force retiree, was the lucky winner of the 1st March 2014 Powerball lottery jackpot. He won $60 million by matching the winning numbers in the Powerball results of 3, 8, 25, 30, 47, and the Powerball 13.

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On hearing he had won the Powerball lottery jackpot of $60 million, Joseph Saxer took his wife out for a celebratory meal. The choice of restaurant was quite a surprise, as was the use of a coupon. Saxer told officials, “I took my wife to Carl’s Jr. And we got a buy one get one free of the, what they call the ‘Philly cheese’, and we shared a coke and then went back home.” Saxer was asked if he would now be buying him and his wife a coke each, rather than sharing one, he found that most amusing.

Joseph Saxer chose the no publicity option following his Powerball lotto triumph and so only his name has been released. He stated that he has always led a very simple life and will continue to do so.

Mario Scarnici won a third share of an August 2013 $448.4 million jackpot and also wanted to remain as private as he could.



Joseph decided to play Powerball at Tooley Oil on 5520 Dudley Boulevard in McClellan, Sacramento. The owner of that store will win a grand total of $300,000 in commission for selling the ticket containing the winning numbers.





There was much speculation for three weeks over who had the winning Powerball lottery jackpot ticket for the 1st March draw. A Powerball lotto spokesman declared that the winner had bought their ticket in California but no one came forward. It is accepted that some winners will wait until they have received sound advice from lawyers and financial advisers before they produce their winning tickets. Some winners just don’t check their tickets for weeks and some even lose them!

The one person who must have been very worried about the three week delay in announcing the winner, would have been the owner of Tooley Oil on 5520 Dudley Boulevard. He knew that he had sold the winning Powerball lotto ticket and that there was $300,000 waiting for him.

All’s well that ends well. Joseph Saxer came forward, collected his money and succeeded in staying out of the limelight and Tooley Oil is $300,000 richer.

Another big Powerball winner who kept people guessing her identity was Gloria C. Mackenzie who won $590 million in May 2013 and took two weeks to claim her huge win.