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When Powerball Winner Kathy Scruggs went to play Powerball at the Shell Food Mart in Dacatur, the store clerk made a big mistake. You see, Kathy wanted a Mega Millions ticket but the clerk printed out a Powerball lottery one instead. Kathy noticed the mistake straight away and purchased another ticket, but she kept the one that had been issued by mistake.
It was a good thing she did.



The 44 year old from Lithonia, Georgia, was holding the winning ticket for the September 14th 2011 $25 million Powerball results draw. Her life changing winning Powerball numbers were 16, 41, 42, 50 and 59, with the Powerball 5.

It was even better for the Powerball winner from Georgia because she was unemployed after her seasonal job had come to an end a couple of months before. She was planning to use the Powerball jackpot win to boost her finances, build a new home for her, her mother and grandmother, and, like many other lucky winners, use some of the money to help those less fortunate. John Long won $60 million in 2014 and vowed to help local organizations he cared about with some of his windfall.




Kathy found out she was the winner the night after the Georigia Powerball lottery draw and proceeded to wake everyone up in the house, shouting and screaming about their good fortune. She said, up until the big win, she had been looking hard for a new job but that nothing had come up. Scruggs opted to take the lump sum option which would give her a little over $15 million before taxes for her Powerball jackpot. Brad Duke won $220.3 million in 2005 and also chose to take a lump sum payout.

Baljit Suddan was more than likely the one who sold Kathy the wrong lottery ticket although she can’t remember the particular sale. She would only say that sometimes mistakes are made and that often it is a blessing in disguise. Unlike many States, Georgia doesn’t pay a bonus to stores for selling the winning ticket, instead they get a commission on each ticket sold.

Since the lottery began in Georgia over $15 billion has been raised for educational grants in the state, helping students get to university and college to better their lives.

Kathy Scrugg’s Powerball lottery story just goes to show that a little bad luck can often lead to a lot of good luck.

If you are feeling lucky after reading about Kathy and want to check your own numbers, then you can do so via our Powerball results checker.