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The Christmas Day 2013 Powerball winner Kevin Carlson from Kansas City, Missouri. This was the sixth largest lottery win in Missouri.

Carlson decided to play Powerball and buy his $71.5 million winning ticket from Autobahn BP, at 7538 N. W. Prairie View Road in Platte Woods, Missouri.






Kevin Carlson, who celebrated his 49th birthday on 27th December, said “Every morning that I work, I stop and get a coffee and a little something to eat” from Autobahn BP. The Powerball winner from Missouri has opted to take the lump sum payment of $39.8 million, which according to lottery spokeswoman Susan Goedde, will be $28 million after taxes for his Powerball jackpot. Kevin Carlson claimed his prize at the Missouri Lottery’s headquarters in Jefferson City on Boxing Day.

He opted for no camera interviews but according to state law, his name had to be released. Carlson’s wife’s name has not been released. Kevin and his wife really want to keep under the radar following their Missouri Powerball lottery success. The Carlson’s are number 28 in the list of Powerball winners in the Missouri Lottery which began in 1986 and they are the 389th millionaires made from state lottery games.

They’re not the only winners who requested privacy following their big win. Winner of $131.5 million in June 2013 Patricia Chandler also wanted to remain private.




The manager of the Autobahn BP convenience store, Hanish Kumar, said that he knew that his store had sold the ticket with the winning Powerball numbers on it. When Kevin Carlson came in on the 26th December 2013 for his usual coffee and doughnut, Kumar told him that the winning Powerball jackpot ticket had been bought at his store.

At this point Kevin had absolutely no clue that he held the winning ticket. Both Kumar and Carlson got the shock of their lives when the ticket was scanned and found to be the Powerball jackpot winner but, Kumar said, “My computer showed me that he had a winning Powerball.”

He said Kevin Carlson jumped up and down with joy but didn’t ask him anything about how to collect his prize. Mr Kumar received $50,000 from the Missouri Lottery for selling that winning ticket. The Powerball winning numbers for the 25th December 2013 Powerball results draw were 23, 28, 38, 39, 56 while the Powerball was 32.

Coincidentally, Autobahn BP, Platte Woods is only 30 miles from Dearborn where Mark and Cindy Hill won $293 million on 30th November 2012.





Kevin said, “The first time I scanned it, I didn’t believe it, so I scanned it again. I kind of went nuts.” The Powerball winner from Missouri immediately resigned from his job as a mechanic but says his wife intends to carry on working. “Now that I don’t work, I plan to use my time to figure out what to do with the money.”

August 2013 winner of $149.4 million, Paul White also said he would retire following his lottery win as soon as he was done with work projects he was in the middle of.





Carson said first he will use his Powerball jackpot money to pay all his outstanding bills, which will be a great relief to him. Kevin and his wife have two grown up children and will ensure that the kids are well looked after for the rest their lives and will not have to worry about money again following their Missouri Powerball lottery success. The lucky couple plan to take a wonderful luxury holiday to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary in style. Carson intends to fulfil a dream he has always had of owning a 1968 Camaro. It’s amazing how the first thing many lottery winners mention, is buying that car they’ve always dreamed of.

Remember, you can check your own numbers to see if you have won a life changing prize by using our Powerball results checker.



“It really couldn’t have happened to better people,” Dara Pacheco said, “I know that’s kind of cliché but it really couldn’t have. They are really, really good people.” Dara and her husband Brent, are great Paul McCartney fans and they tell the story of how the Carlson’s got them tickets for a Paul McCartney concert a few years ago.

“That was really, really sweet of them to do,” Brent Pacheco said, “We just wish them the best. I hope they don’t move! They are really great neighbours.”