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Powerball Winner Lisa Quam

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Powerball Winner – Lisa Quam

Thanksgiving normally has a lot to answer for but the November 2014 Powerball jackpot draw produced Powerball winner Lisa Quam. In truth, Lisa didn’t think she’d ever be the biggest Powerball winner in Washington, after all she only ever decided to play Powerball on special occasions such as birthdays and the Christmas holidays.

When she decided to try her luck at the Haggen Store in her home town of Auburn, there was little thought about what a life-changing amount of money $90 million could be.


Lisa Quam purchased two tickets, as normal around Thanksgiving, one for herself and one for her husband, putting the tickets on top of her fridge at home and forgetting about them. There they sat until one Sunday night when she decided to check if she’d won a little something to make the celebrations a little happier.

The winning numbers for the Washington Powerball lottery were 25, 30, 32, 46, 54 with a Powerball number of 26. Like many people, Lisa couldn’t quite believe her eyes when she checked over the winning ticket, calling down her family to make sure. If you want to see how Lisa's winning numbers have done historically then you can put them through our Powerball results checker.

The odds of winning a Powerball jackpot outright are pretty sky high – 175 million to one. Of course, Lisa, nor her family, could believe that they were the latest Powerball success story as they all took it in turn to check out the numbers. $90 million is a pretty big figure to get your head around, especially for a mother who had spent most of her life working hard for a living and not expecting to get anything for free.


In anybody’s book it’s a life changing amount and Lisa and her family quickly decided what they were going to do first after confirming they had matched the life changing Powerball results. They were going to pay off their kid’s student debts, get some repairs done on their Auburn house, hell they could even afford to buy new homes for their children. All that together wouldn’t make a dent in Lisa Quam’s Powerball draw success – even when you added in early retirement and the possibility of a new car.

Lisa and her family were just normal people. She’d worked for the last 25 years for Boeing and her husband had also been there for 16 years. Neither knew what they were going to do with the spare time now that they could retire and, more importantly, what they were going to do with all that money. Much like fellow Powerball winner Vinh Nguyen who had no idea what he would do with his $228.4 million September 2014 prize. Like many Powerball jackpot winners, the Washington couple were planning to give back a fair amount to charity, particularly the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts that their children had grown up with.


There was a bonus for the place that sold the winning Powerball ticket as the lucky Haggen store in Tapps Parkway, Auburn, netted a comfortable $50,000 bonus. It was the first time the jackpot had been won in Washington since it started in the state way back in 2010. Despite that, they have dished out in the region of $430 million in all games over the years, raising a large amount of money for education and local causes.

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