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After ten years of buying lottery tickets together, Powerball Winners the Lucky 13, as they have been named by the Lottery Board, have won the $224.2 million Powerball lottery jackpot with a Quick Pick ticket. This massive reward was won with the winning Powerball results numbers of 16, 26, 34, 35, 41, and a Powerball of 24 in the 12th April 2006 drawing.

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All thirteen of the Powerball lotto winners work for the Department of Social Services Family Support Division/Child Support Enforcement in Florissant, Missouri. It is the biggest Powerball lotto winners story in the history of the Missouri lottery.

The Lucky 13 consists of Cornelia Aversa, 61 of Ballwin, Juanita Miller, 57 of Black Jack, Madeleine Knox, James Wydrzynsk and Sandra Hayes all of Florissant, Kathey Tidwell, 54 of Highland, Illinois, Kathy Bowman, 48 of Roxana, Illinois, Marjorie Orcutt, Donna Paige, Georgia Griffin, Alice Williams and Robin Carlton all from St. Louis and Michael Lang, 55 from St. Peters.




Jim Wydrzynsk told the news conference that eleven of the thirteen had put $5 into the pool and two had put in $2.5, so the Powerball lottery jackpot would be split into twelve equal portions and Alice Williams and Georgia Griffin would share one twelfth of the $224.2 million between them – each of the eleven will get around $8.5 million before taxes and the other two will get $4.2 million for their Powerball lotto reward.

Robin Carlton, Child Support Specialist was nominated to buy the week’s Quick Pick Powerball ticket which happened to have the winning Powerball numbers and he purchased it from QuikTrip, 2791 Dunn Road, St. Louis. The Lottery pool was fluid and changed weekly depending on who wanted to play Powerball that week. QuikTrip will receive $50,000 for selling the ticket containing the winning Powerball numbers. Manager, Patrick Field said, “It feels great. You’ve got to get bragging rights for all the other stores now.”
Autobahn BP convenience store also recevied a $50,000 reward when they sold the winning ticket to $71.5 million winner Kevil Carlson in 2013.




“What went through my mind was that I think my life has changed forever, I think everyone’s life will be changed,” said Wydrzynsk, “One employee was going to retire on May 1st, so this kind of fits in with her plans. I am not sure what I will do. I’m still trying to get over my shock. I think we want to pay off all our bills. I would like to visit my brother who lives in Australia.”

Kathey Tidwell said, “It’s been such as shock because I didn’t find out until this morning.” Three of the Powerball lottery jackpot winners found out about their win on Wednesday evening and didn’t sleep that night. When they went into work the following day, they told their colleagues. Wydrzynsk said, “One of the workers said, you’re playing one of your practical jokes again. No, not this time! This is the real deal.”

Kathey Tidwell says that the lucky Powerball lottery ticket has enabled her to pay off all her debts. Alice Williams said, “I will remain at work. I’m going to work. I had set my goal for four years and I will be retiring.” Sandra Hayes said, “Now I don’t have to worry about paying off my student loan. Tah dah! It’s done.” Hayes added, “Money won’t change me. I’ll still be the same person.”

There are many stories of Powerball winners, but these workers barely get $30,000 a year and haven’t had a rise in several years, so their Powerball reward is well deserved.
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