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Powerball Winner – Mary Ann Thompson

Ashtabula County proved to be a lucky place in 2014 when Conneaut Powerball Winner Mary Ann Thompson managed to take the $124.9 million prize in July. It followed on from a $73 million win on the Classic Lotto just the month before, making two lucky winners happy not to have to worry about money again.

The Thompson family were being pretty cagey when reporters turned up at their home in Conneaut to find out what they all felt about mom’s big windfall.

Just a month before, Powerball had given away a masive $259 million to June 2014 winner Roy Cockrum, so it was certainy a hot streak for the popular lottery game.



All that was really known was that she decided to play Powerball at the True North Convenience Store before the 9th of July draw. The store on State Street in Conneaut received a bonus of $100,000 for selling the winning Powerball lottery numbers of 9-25-42-55-57 and 14 which proved to be the only one in the country with the jackpot numbers from the twice weekly draw.

If you want to check your own numbers to see if you have followed in Mary's footsteps then you can do so by using our Powerball results checker. Mary Ann Thompson opted to take the cash lump sum which would have left her with around $51 million after state and federal taxes.

Players have a choice of taking either a lump sum or opting for an annuity where they get graduated payments over 30 years. Taking the lump sum means that you get less of the lottery winnings but it seems to be the popular option with many Powerball lottery winners who take the big prize. John 'Jack' Long won $60 million in July 2014 and is one of many other Powerball winners who chose the lump sum option.



Although she said that both she and her husband wanted privacy, Mary Ann Thompson did say that they would use the money to help out family members. For a while after the Powerball results were confirmed, there was a lot of gossip about who had won the big lottery prize as Mary Ann Thompson and her husband waited before coming forward, instead choosing to get their financial options in order as many big winners do. It is known that she worked for a long while at the Conneaut Kmart before it closed some time ago leaving her unemployed.



The chances of winning the big prize and becoming a Powerball winner is in the region of 175 million to 1. Millions of Americans tune into the draws on Wednesday and Saturday nights. The Powerball jackpot begins at $40 million and jumps up by $10 million each time the main prize is not won. That means jackpots can reach astronomical amounts but smaller prizes can also make a difference - the Powerball draw is purported to create over 500 new millionaires each year.

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