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Powerball Winner Pedro Quezada’s $338 million Prize

March 23, 2013 was a significant day for Powerball Winner Pedro Quezada when he netted the jackpot and was a big time lottery winner. And to show he had the charitable touch, the Powerball winner said he was going to pay the rent for all the neighbours in his block.

Pedro found he was a multi-millionaire when he checked the Powerball results and discovered that he had all of the Powerball winning numbers and was due $338 million. Predictably, neighbours were quick to praise the Powerball winner from New Jersey as a hard worker with a good heart when they heard what he was going to do with his money.


Originally from Dominica, the 45 year old arrived in the US 26 years ago and, following his Powerball lottery win, said that working 18 hour days was now behind him and that he was going to help those in need. Quezada decided to play Powerball at the Eagle Liquor store in Passaic. The Powerball winning numbers for the draw were 17, 29, 31, 52, 53 and Powerball 31.

Quezada had no idea the store had sold the winning Powerball ticket when he went into check whether he had won anything the Monday after the draw. Understandably he felt ‘great joy’ when he found out he was the Powerball lottery jackpot winner. The married father of five said for the last few years he had been running a local bodega, getting up at 5am every morning and working till eleven at night. He is now retired.

The store that sold the ticket with the winning Powerball numbers received a $10,000 bonus.


Being thrown into the limelight with a huge lottery win doesn’t always go the way the recipient would want it. It soon transpired that Pedro Quezada owed around $29,000 in child maintenance payments dating back to 2009 and that news was splashed across all the online news sites.

The New Jersey Powerball lottery winner opted for the lump sum of $221 million before tax so probably wouldn’t have to worry about where he was going to find the money. He attended court promising to do what is right for his children but also had to answer questions from the attending media hounds about his promise to pay the rent for his neighbours. Quezada’s lawyer said rumours that the Powerball jackpot winner was going to pay the rents for the block he’d lived on for so many years were just that, rumours.

According to Quezada’s landlord, the man left his flat owing $700 rent although he reputedly spent $300,000 on a home in Clifton. His neighbours have been quick to say that the Powerball winner has gone back on his earlier promise and many have accused him of turning his back on the community that looked after him for so many years.

Bigger news was to follow when it transpired that Quezada wasn’t actually married and had split up with his partner of 10 years following the Powerball lottery jackpot win. Inez Sanchez then sued Pedro for her share of the money and it ended up in court. Fortunately for both, the suit was finally dropped, the money was shared, and the couple ended up back together.

With over $50 million having been sent to the Dominican Republic where Pedro Quezada grew up, it’s not entirely clear how much of his New Jersey Powerball lottery winnings are left. Some rumours have been circulating that Pedro is broke but it all goes to prove that winning a large amount of money often brings greater burdens than most of us foresee.

There are plenty of examples of winners who do manage huge wins well however, such as November 2012 winners Cindy and Mark Hill who kept their life very smiliar despite their $293.7 million prize.



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