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Twenty four year old Powerball Winner Muncie Meade was the lucky winner on 11th December 2010. He was one of two winners of the $37.5 million prize, with the winning numbers form the Powerball results of 1, 8, 10, 19, 20, and a Powerball of 23.





Muncie is one of four brothers – two sets of twins. Muncie and his brother Mason were only 16 years old when their mum died in a coal mining accident in 2003. The two had to leave high school to take care of themselves and their other two brothers, Dustin and Darren. All four brothers believe that their Mom had a hand in the Kentucky Powerball win. “All four of us have been on our own since then and I have to believe that mum was looking out for us on Saturday night,” Mead said.

Muncie was brought up in Knotts County but now lives in Louisville. He won a $19.12 million share of the Powerball jackpot but has chosen to take the cash payment which is $9.5 million before taxes, and $6.6 million after taxes. Jane Jabert won $15 million in September 2006 and also chose the lump sum payment.



Mead said, “I bought a $10 scratch-off ticket last week and won $250. I took my winnings and bought a Powerball quick pick ticket.” It was this quick pick lottery ticket which made Muncie the winner of the Powerball jackpot on 11th December 2010.

Mead describes how he discovered he had the winning Powerball numbers, “I got up Sunday morning, and while I was still in bed, I opened my laptop and checked the lottery’s website to see the winning numbers. I kept looking at the screen and at my ticket, and I couldn’t believe what I saw.”

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The first person Muncie Mead told, was his 24 year old fiancée, Allyson McCormack. “I thought he was joking,” she said, “I kept looking at the date and at the Powerball winning numbers. People talk about how your chances of winning are like getting hit by lightening, and I couldn’t believe what was happening.”




Muncie Mead decided to play Powerball at Thornton’s at 12412 Legrange Road, at the intersection with Chamberlain Lane. The store will receive a bonus of $18,450.62 for selling the Kentucky Powerball jackpot winning ticket. After Allyson and Muncie had checked and checked the ticket, they decided to take it to Thorntons to see if they were dreaming. “The clerk scanned the ticket, the screen said ‘prize exceeds the cashing limit’, and I knew I had it.” Muncie said.

Mead put the ticket in his shirt pocket and said there was absolutely no way he could contemplate going to sleep that night. At the press conference, Mead showed everyone how creased the ticket was because he couldn’t stop opening it up and checking again and again and again.



Muncie attended the press conference with his three brothers and his fiancé. He is a big UK basketball fan and was hoping that their coach, John Calipari, would be at the press conference to hand him his dummy cheque for $19.12 million. Mead runs his own lawn care business called New Leaf Lawn Care service. He does not plan to give up work but rather invest in his business thanks to his winning Powerball numbers. Mead is also going to buy each of his brothers a house and, of course, plan his wedding to Allyson. They have decided to get married in the New Year, rather than wait any longer. Muncie Mead laughed when he said, “Allyson used to get on me about buying lottery tickets. I think she’s cool with it now.” The rest of the money will be invested.

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