Powerball Winners Barry & Barbara Salzman

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Powerball Winners Barry and Barbara Salzman win lottery twice in the same week!

Powerball Winners Barry and Barbara Salzman thought lightning never strikes twice – well for one lucky couple from Arizona it did just that! The lucky twosome from Nevada won $10,000 and days later, Barry and Barbara Salzman travelled to Phoenix to collect their winnings and then ended up buying another ticket from the Arizona Lottery office. It just happened to be the $15 million Arizona Powerball lottery jackpot winner. “Of course I don’t believe it, I just don’t believe it happened,” Barry Salzman said at a press conference. The Powerball results draw held on January 27th 2007, produced the winning Powerball numbers of 10, 19, 26, 27, 32, with a Powerball of 14.
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Powerball Winners Barry and Barbara Salzman's Tickets

Mr Salzman, who works in real estate investment, told how a remarkable twist of fate allowed he and his wife to make the double win. The couple crossed the Nevada-Arizona state line to buy the original Powerball prize winning $10,000 ticket which matched four numbers plus the Powerball. The ticket was bought from Rosie’s Den, located on the state Highway 93. Nevada does not participate in the Powerball lotto, and Mr Salzman usually purchases his ticket in Arizona whenever the jackpot amount is high - that weekend the jackpot just happened to reach $240 million.

Poor weather

Although Mr Salzman won the original amount of $10,000 on January 20th, poor weather prevented him from cashing the ticket sooner after the Powerball results. On Friday of that week, he went to the Arizona Lottery headquarters, where he decided to play Powerball again for Saturday’s drawing. And we now know how that turned out!

Plans for Powerball Winners Barry & Barbara Salzman

Of winning the Powerball Lottery jackpot, Mr Salzman said “You can ask my wife; I really had a gut feeling it was a winning ticket.” The Salzmans plan to use their winnings to pay off their house, help their children and make a sizeable donation to some of their favourite charities. “This gives us tremendous security,” said Barbara Salzman. “We plan on giving our daughter her first house and helping our son get started with his computer company, and also giving money to charities while paying off our house.” The couple declined however to say which charities they planned to support with their Powerball prize money. Their winnings will be subject to Arizona lottery tax. Many winners make charitable donations following a big win, such as 2014 winner of $259.8 million Roy Cockrum, who had a long list of charities he wanted to help.

Out Of Towners

Art Macias, executive director of the Arizona lottery commented that although the pair with the winning Powerball numbers were from out-of-state, Arizona Powerball ticket sales stay in Arizona and benefit the State General Fund. “This is fantastic for the Salzmans, and also fantastic for Arizona,” he said. “The Powerball lotto does good things, and we are all big winners here.” 
The delighted couple selected the cash option and will receive their cheque from the Multi State Lottery Association, the governing body for all Powerball members.
These Powerball results made the lucky couple the ninth Powerball lotto winners in Arizona at the time. The previous week, a Missouri World War II veteran, won the jackpot sum of $240 million.
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