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Powerball Winners Dale Chellis and Toni Sergott don’t play the lottery but on 28th April 2007, Dale Chellis was in the liquor store buying alcohol for his mother’s 85th birthday party and he had $5 in change.


He saw the machine so decided to play Powerball and asked the cashier, Amanda Labbe, for five Powerball lottery Quick Pick tickets.




This is another one of those stories of Powerball winners who won because of a series of unrelated things. Dale Chellis, originally from New Hampshire, and his wife, Tony Sergott were in Plymouth for Dale’s mother’s 85th birthday. The couple had driven from their home in Lake Zurich, Illinois which is 40 miles North West of Chicago. He had spent the day fixing the roof on his mother’s porch at her home in Merrill Street. If Dales mother hadn’t been celebrating her birthday that weekend and if Dale hadn’t got to that particular liquor store, on Tenney Mountain Highway and decided on a whim to buy a Powerball lottery Quick Pick ticket, then he would not be collecting his Powerball reward.

A great example of an unexpected occurence leading to a huge Powerball win was 2011 winner of $25 million Kathy Scruggs. She wanted a Mega Millions ticket but the store clerk printed a Powerball one by mistake, which Kathy decided to keep and ended up being a winner.




Dale Chellis and Toni Sergott returned home a few days later, Dale was going to throw away the Powerball Quick Pick lottery ticket, when he decided that perhaps he ought to check the New Hampshire Lottery website before he did. When Dale, who is semi retired from the high tech industry, looked at his ticket and then the numbers of the screen, he said his heart stopped when he realised he had won the Powerball jackpot reward.

Dale’s wife, Toni Sergott, works as an administrator at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington, Illinois. Dale tried phoning her, “I couldn’t get hold of her,” he said, “I wanted another set of eyes to check the numbers.” He did the next best thing and rang the liquor store where he had bought the Powerball lottery Quick Pick and asked them if they had sold the winning Powerball jackpot ticket. Dale spoke to Bonny Albert and she confirmed that they had.

So on Tuesday, 15th May, Powerball winner Dale and his wife Toni went to the New Hampshire Lottery Commission headquarters to claim their prize of $67 million. The winning numbers they mactehd from the Powerball results 16, 22, 43, 46, 49, and a Powerball of 10. The couple have decided to take the cash payout of $31,919,876 before taxes and $23,939.907 after taxes.

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Dale Chellis and Toni Sergott surprised the employees of their lucky liquor store yesterday, by attending the cheque giving ceremony.

The employees were given a cheque of $30,000 for selling the winning ticket and they can divide this among themselves. Another store that received $30,000 for selling a winning ticket was a Stop & Shop store in South Brunswick, when Mario Scarnici won a $62 million share of a $448 million.




The Powerball winners from New Hampshire don’t have any children but do have two cats, “they can’t get more spoilt,” Sergott said. They still have a lot to think about. The couple haven’t told their friends yet and haven’t begun to decide what to do with their lucky win.

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