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Powerball Winner Ohana Trust, of which the beneficiary is Kathleen Last, won $60 million on 7th March 2012 by matching the winning numbers from the Powerball lottery results of 12, 35, 45, 46, 47, and the Powerball 12.

You can see if any of these numbers feature in the list of those that have been most and least commonly drawn in past draws by viewing our Powerball numbers statistics.



Kathleen waited almost a month before she stepped forward to claim her Powerball jackpot. During that time she had been busy consulting with her lawyer, Edmund Alves, on how best to go forward. Edmund was at Rhode Island Lottery headquarters to collect Kathleen Last’s prize in the name of Ohana Trust.

Ohana is the Hawaiian word for ‘family’. Apparently Kathleen Last loves Hawaii and used to go on holiday there frequently. The Powerball lottery winner has a large extended family and intends to use the money to make their lives easier. She is especially delighted that she will be able to help her disabled niece to live a more productive life thanks to her lucky Powerball numbers. The Ohana Trust ticket was bought at Quickets, 285 George Washington Highway, Smithfield.

If you want to find out just how lucky Kathleen’s numbers are, you can check their success in previous draws using our Powerball results checker.




Kathleen Last has used the Ohana Trust as a front as she wants to be shielded from any publicity involved in her Powerball lottery jackpot win. Her lawyer, Edmund Alves, has said that Kathleen is a long standing Rhode Island resident and is in her fifties. He said, “she almost had a stroke when she heard of her win.” Alves added, “She’s a very private person who just wants to be left alone.” He said that although Kathleen was obviously delighted with her win from the Powerball draw, she was very worried about her privacy. “It’s a burden. It’s a great responsibility and obviously, it’s a great benefit too.”

The Ohana Trust has opted for a cash payout of the Powerball lottery jackpot which will be $37,059,913 before taxes. Out of that amount, Rhode Island will get $2.2 million in taxes and the Federal Government will get a whopping $9.2 million. This will leave the Ohana Trust with $25.6 million thanks to Kathleens decision to play Powerball.




Winners have to come forward in person to claim their winnings but don’t have to appear at a press conference or speak in public at all. Rhode Island Lottery director, Gerald Aubin said, “I advise winners to come forward, but you can’t force them to do it.”

He said he understands that a lot of people don’t want the publicity, but the media have a way of finding winners and, not showing your face to them at the outset, is almost a challenge for them to find you. 2013 Powerball winner Patricia Chandler left her job and home in an attempt to avoid publicity following her $131.5 million win.