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Powerball Winner Jeff Wilson
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The mystery surrounding the owner of the winning North Carolina Powerball lottery ticket has finally been solved. People in the Kings Mountain area in particular (where the ticket was recently purchased) have been speculating about who the new multi-millionaire could be. Possibly a neighbour or the postman? Or could it even be the pizza delivery boy? All wrong. In fact Powerball Winner Jeff Wilson, a 27 year old from North Carolina was the mystery man. The ticket purchased for the Powerball results draw held on June 20th 2009 contained the winning numbers 3-11-18-22-28 with a Powerball of 33.

You can see the historical success of Jeff’s life changing numbers by putting them into our Powerball results checker. This will then bring up any previous draws in which these numbers won any prizes.




A ceremony held in North Carolina Education Lottery (NCEL) headquarters where Mr Wilson received a large ceremonial cheque, was attended by family members who had driven the college student there. In fact speaking of family it was actually Mr Wilson’s father who decided to play Powerball and bought the tickets in the first instance.

“My dad will sometimes buy tickets and let my sister, brother and me choose one that is ours.” It gives new meaning to the phrase ‘lucky pick’ (which this ticket was!)






When asked what he plans to do with the money, the Powerball winner from North Carolina replied “Maybe a house or a car.” Wilson added that the money will also be helpful for when he attends graduate school within the next few months. Charitable causes may also be on the receiving end of the winners’ generosity too. Clearly excited and not quite believing his luck he told reporters: “I didn’t believe my dad when he told me that I had won and I think I’m still in disbelief”.

Generosity isn’t uncommon amongst lottery winners. For example Barry and Barbara Salzman won $15 million in 2007 and wanted to make a ‘sizaeable donation to their favourite charities’.




The Powerball winner from North Carolina has decided to take the lump sum cash payment of $42.4 million, which after taxes is worth around $28.8 million. The ticket with the winning Powerball numbers was purchased from the Petro Express on Cleveland Avenue in Kings Mountain and the store owners will also share in the good fortune by receiving an undisclosed bonus payment.

June 2014 Powerball winner Roy Cockrum also chose the lump sum option of $115 million before taxes for his prize.

Mr Wilson is the second Powerball jackpot winner in NCEL history to date. Jackie Alston of Halifax won over $74 million in the Powerball draw held on Nov. 29th, 2006.