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Powerball Winner Carl Hunter

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Powerball Winner Carl Hunter, the owner of a building company has become the latest winner from Louisiana.

Carl could not have been in immediate need of the prize fund as it took him nearly four months to come forward and make a claim! The 73 year old, who lives in Metairie, won the money by purchasing a quick pick ticket for the draw held on January 16th 2008. The Powerball winning numbers were 9-18-19-38-47 with a Powerball of 11.


The presentation ceremony, held at the local Lottery headquarters, allowed this latest Powerball winner to tell his version of events to eager reporters. He was picking up a gallon of milk for his wife when he decided to also spontaneously buy one Powerball lottery quick pick” at West Metairie Shell on West Avenue in Metairie.

“There was someone in line in front of me and also someone behind me also purchasing tickets for the draw. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time,” described Mr Hunter adding that he was “very surprised and humbled by the experience”.





And why the four month wait to claim his winnings? Apparently he wanted to make sure his outstanding jobs were completed for clients before “closing up shop” to redeem his winning ticket. Mr Hunter, like most previous winners, has opted for the one-time cash lump sum payment of nearly $49 million or after taxes, $34 million.



When asked about how he plans to spend his Powerball reward (also known as new found millions!) he said he plans to use his winnings to retire, travel and rebuild a camp he lost during Hurricane Katrina.

The store where the ticket was purchased will also share in the good fortune by receiving a one-time bonus of $25,000 for selling the powerball winning ticket.

Since the Louisiana lottery joined the multistate game in 1995 there have been twelve winners (including Mr Hunter). Prior to this latest win, the largest Powerball jackpot won in Louisiana was a $48.1 million prize claimed by Jerry Berggren and Cathy DeMuynck of Kenner in March 2002.

The last Powerball success story was in Louisiana a few months ago on Sept. 29th, 2007, with a jackpot won by William Heid Jr. of Chauvin, who claimed a prize fund of $15 million