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Powerball Winner B Raymond Buxton, a retired professional from California, appears to be a bit of a joker. Having won the Powerball jackpot of over $425 million on 19th February 2014, he waited until April Fool’s Day to come forward and collected his cheque wearing a t-shirt that read “Luck of the Jedi I have”.

After deciding to play Powerball with a Quick Pick bought from small change, that was quite a win. One other player won £2 million matching five of the Powerball winning numbers and a further 17 tickets won £1 million.



The other reason for waiting this long to come forward for his Powerball jackpot was far more sensible. Buxton wanted a team of lawyers and public relations experts behind him to help him deal with his incredible fortune and all that goes with suddenly becoming a multi-millionaire. This is similar to what fellow Powerball winner from July 2014 Mary Ann Thompson did when she wanted to consider all her financial options beore claiming her $124.9 million prize.

He said “While validating the numbers at the CA Lottery website, I came across the Winner’s Handbook and started to put a plan in motion.” He is clearly a very switched on Powerball winner.



The winning numbers from the Powerball results on 19th February 2014’s draw were 1, 17, 35, 49, 54 with the Powerball number of 34. The expected $400 million Powerball jackpot grew to $425 million by the time of the actual draw according to lottery officials, as there was a last minute rush for tickets due to the incredible prize.

You can see the success rate of Buxton’s winning numbers and how much they would have won in previous prize draws by entering them into our Powerball results checker.




Buxton’s Powerball Quick Pick winning ticket was sold at Dixon Landing Chevron in the San Francisco Bay area of Milpitas, California and the store received a healthy $1 million prize as commission for selling the winning Powerball numbers. Buxton, who described himself as a lottery regular, was at the Subway sandwich counter in the store. He had already bought one ticket, but decided that the payoff potential was so massive that he would buy a second ticket.

He bought a single Powerball Quick Pick ticket which is the equivalent of the UK’s Lucky Draw, and incredibly, it was that second ticket that won the jackpot. Buxton elected for the lump sum payoff of $242.2 million before taxes for his Powerball jackpot.



The Powerball winners’ publicist Sam Singer told The Associated Press “He really wants to live a private life as best he can. He was a solidly middle-class American, and today he is a solidly wealthy one.” Buxton said in a statement “I’m going to enjoy my new job setting up a charitable foundation focused on the areas of paediatric health, child hunger and education” and added “It’s amazing how a little slip of paper can change your life.” Charitable donations are common amongst winners.

For example an Anonymous $400 million Powerball winner from November 2012 vowed to set up charitable foundations for his local community too.




A few facts about the Powerball winners’ home town:


  • The film River’s Edge was inspired by the true story of a teenage boy Anthony Jacques Broussard who murdered and raped 14-year-old classmate Marcy Renee Conrad in Milpitas in 1981.
  • Milpitas’ largest employer is computer firm Cisco Systems.
  • The area was first inhabited by the Native American Ohlone people.


  • Asians make up over 60% of the population.
  • The town’s earthquake activity is 1,729% greater than the overall US’ average.
  • It is a strongly Democratic town, with 70% voting for Obama in the last Presidential election.

The odds of matching all six Powerball winning numbers are 1 in about 175 million.