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Gloria Makenzie is revealed as the 84-year-old Powerball winner

Powerball Winner Gloria C Mackenzie certainly had her city guessing. For two whole weeks rumours were rife in the small community and it seemed the only thing people were talking about was who was going to lay claim to the May 18th 2013 $590 million Powerball lottery jackpot that was up for grabs.

Maybe the lucky winner needed a few days to get over the shock of matching the Powerball results, but for a close knit town where everyone knew everyone else it was one of the biggest mysteries to affect Zaphyrhills in a long while. They knew the winning Powerball lottery ticket was bought at the Publix supermarket, one of the box stores on the town’s outskirts, and according to newspaper reporter Dave Walters: "Anybody who did not show up for work on that Monday was considered to be the lottery winner."

Zaphyrhills is known for its vibrant elderly community and most bets were on it being a pensioner who had scooped the big Powerball jackpot prize. The town has a number of mobile home parks for those more advanced in years and it was statistically more likely that the Powerball lotto winner would be amongst this section of the population. Other rumours abounded that someone had put it in the wash and destroyed the all important Powerball lottery ticket, or lost it, or it was never going to be claimed.


Gloria C McKenzie left her home two weeks later to claim her Powerball jackpot prize. Apparently a reclusive woman who rarely stepped outside, she walked into the Florida State lottery office with her son, a friend of the family and a financial advisor to validate the winning Powerball lottery ticket, ignoring the questions put to her by waiting reporters. Mackenzie came from a less well off part of town but was well known in the area. She was eager to move back into the shadows after her Powerball lotto win though, and soon after the cheque was issued, the house where Gloria lived was found empty. She had traded in her old home in Zephyrhills for a $1.1 million dollar home in Glen Kernan Country Club. Safe to say her decision to play Powerball changed her life forever.

If you think two weeks is a long time to wait, $425 million February 2014 winner B. Raymond Buxton waited six weeks before claiming his huge Powerball prize.



For the person who let Gloria in front of her at the lottery queue, there was a salutary lesson. Mindy Crandell was trying to keep her son in check when Gloria moved in front of her the day she bought the winning Powerball lottery ticket.

That she was just one place away from winning the Powerball jackpot and setting herself up for life didn’t seem to faze Mindy when she was asked by reporters. And perhaps her 10 year old daughter, Mallory, gave the best answer: "It's better to be polite than to be rich."


The winning numbers from the Powerball results that changed Gloria's life were 10, 13, 14, 22 and 52, with a Powerball of 11, and the odds of matching them in the draw were 175 million to 1. You can look at her lucky numbers statistical history by entering them into Lottery24's Powerball results checker. You can also have a look at the numbers which have been drawn the most and least often in past Powerball draws by viewing our Powerball draw results statistics.

She chose to take a lump sum if she won and netted around $278 million after tax for her Powerball lottery jackpot. The Publix that sold her the ticket got a bonus of $85,000 while more than $50 million went to Florida’s education funds.