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Powerball Winner Roy Cockrum lands huge jackpot

Powerball Winner Roy Cockrum had had a colourful life. He worked in stage managing and as an actor for some 20 years before giving it all up for the life of an evangelist monk where he took a lifelong vow of poverty and celibacy.

Now at the age of 58, Cockrum has struck financial gold after deciding to play Powerball and scooping the June draw jackpot of $259 million.


It was the biggest Powerball win in the State of Tennessee and Cockrum took around $115 million before taxes when he decided to opt for the lump sum payment. The odds of actually winning the big prize and becoming a Tennessee Powerball lottery winner is in the region of 175 million to one and a large number of Americans tune in to the twice weekly draws to see if they have won a life changing amount.

Cockrum wasn’t the only one to benefit from the Powerball draw in June 2014. The Kroger grocery store that sold the winning ticket of 14-18-25-33-49 plus a Powerball of 23 also got a hefty bonus for its troubles. Much like the Sunoco gas station who received a $50,000 bonus for selling $337 million Powerball winner Donald Lawson his staggering winning ticket in Agust 2012.

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Cockrum believed that his time spent at the Society of Saint John the Evangelist may well benefit him when he had to decide what to do with that avalanche of money. He had left the monastery to look after his ageing parents and had started a small business in the Knoxville area of Tennessee.

Originally, Cockrum was taking his mother for a medical appointment and thought he had just won $500 but on checking the Powerball results more closely realised that he had indeed won the Powerball jackpot. He had been walking around all day listening to people gossiping about who the big winner was until he decided to actually check his own ticket.


Some said it was a woman with a baby who had won and others said that it was a man who worked for UPS.



Cockrum said that his first job was to give some money to a long list of charities who could benefit from a substantial Powerball lottery windfall themselves. His vow of poverty whilst living as a monk has made him better able to cope with such a large amount of lottery jackpot money and he believes it will keep him grounded as he decides the best and most helpful way to spend it.

Like many big winners, Cockrum is looking to give a substantial part of his Powerball lottery jackpot to good causes and he’s taken good advice on how to look after the money – something which many winners try to do but often don’t succeed.

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