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Powerball Winners Ocean’s 16

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Powerball Winners Oceans 16

Named after Ocean County Vehicle Maintenance Garage in Ocean County, New Jersey where they worked, Powerball winners Oceans 16 were a syndicate who won one-third of the share of a $448 million Powerball lotto jackpot on 7th August 2013.

Their name was a play on the Ocean’s Eleven films, which coincidentally grossed almost the same amount; $450 million. Each member of the Powerball lottery syndicate took home a tasty $3.8 million after taxes thanks to matching the wining numbers in the Powerball results.



Ocean County sits along the Jersey Shore and one of the few Republican strongholds in New Jersey.

When Hurricane Sandy reached the state on 29th October 2012, it was their worst ever, killing 37 and causing nearly $30 billion in damages.



Although delighted at the time, ‘Wild’ Willie Seeley and his wife Donna later said that the Powerball lotto jackpot money interrupted his simple, comfortable way of life. “The drama is nonstop,” said the long-haired, long-bearded volunteer firefighter when interviewed. However, it had allowed the couple to replace the roof on their home which had been ravaged by Hurricane Sandy and fund cancer treatments for Wild Willie’s father. They plan to live in a cabin and spend time fishing and hunting.

Donald Lawson won $337 million in August 2012 and is another who was keen to maintain his simple life despite his big lottery win.



Another member of the Powerball lottery syndicate, Joseph Odoardo said he would collect his fortune and retire, something he said he had nearly done the year before.
August 2013 winner of $149.4 million, Paul White also said he would retire as soon as completing the projects on his desk following his lottery success.

Barbara Riivald described the win as ‘a miracle’. Her father, New Jersey State Senator John F Brown, had sponsored the law that led to the start of the state lottery back in 1970. Another of the Powerball winners Darlene Riccio lost her home in the hurricane and told reporters that the first thing she would buy was a house for her, her daughter and their dog. She was also delighted to be able to give up a second job that she had to make ends meet. Susan Nickel said she went numb on hearing that they had the winning Powerball numbers. Another victim of Sandy, her and her husband planned more repairs on their home with their share of the Powerball lotto jackpot.

Lisa Presutto was in charge of buying the tickets. She stopped at the Acme supermarket in Little Egg Harbor to buy the Quick-Pick (Lucky Dip) tickets, as she needed to pick up prescription medication and something for dinner. For selling the ticket with the winning Powerball numbers, the store received a $30,000 bonus from the state lottery commission and donated it to a food bank and other local charities.

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The other members of the winning Powerball lottery syndicate were Ralston Chalfant Jr., Peter Cherkos, Joseph D’Angelo, June Delgado, Robert Heinen, Dorothy Kulina, Tabitha Long, Brian McCarthy, Eleine Sanchez and Donna Cinque-Stasse.

One of the group’s company directors, James R. Pine was not a member of the Ocean’s 16 group but accompanied his staff to lottery Headquarters when they collected their Powerball lotto jackpot cheques. Very popular among his staff, Pine said “I am happy. It’s pretty special to have my staff be all set.” He added “To go from Sandy to this is quite special”.



The other two winning ticket holders for the Powerball lottery draw were Paul White, a father of two from Ham Lake in Minnesota and Mario Scarnici from Monmouth Junction in New Jersey. This was only the second time that two Powerball lotto jackpot winning tickets had been sold in the same state.

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