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Baton Rouge attorney, Stephanie Laborde, claimed Louisiana’s 15th Powerball jackpot prize on behalf of her client, Powerball Winner The Williams Trust. At Lottery headquarters, she accepted the winning ticket which had been bought by the Trusts’ beneficiary who is said to be a New Orleans resident and has chosen to remain anonymous. The winner of a huge $400 million Powerball prize in November 2012 also remained anonymous following his huge win.

The winning numbers for the Powerball results draw were: 02, 06, 19, 21, 27 while the Powerball was 25.




Of her client, Ms Laborde said “You couldn’t meet a more deserving Lottery winner.” She went on to tell more about the lucky Louisiana Powerball lottery ticket holder. “She is a retiree from federal civil service and works two part-time jobs to supplement her and her husband’s income. She is planning to give some of her Powerball jackpot money to her church, take care of her family’s debts, fix up her house, replace her old car, travel and save enough so that she doesn’t have to worry about bills in the future.”

The lucky winner decided to play Powerball at Franklin Shell Gas on Franklin Avenue in New Orleans who sold the lucky Powerball jackpot winning ticket, which was one of three to split the top prize in the May 25th 2013 Powerball draw. The other tickets were sold in Florida and Delaware. The trustee has decided to opt for the cash payout, rather than annual payments stretching over 30 years. This has resulted in a one time amount of over $10 million, which after taxes, will net the winner over $7million for their Louisiana Powerball lottery prize. The retailer also shared in the good fortune and received a bonus of $25,000 for selling the Powerball jackpot winning ticket.

Much like Autobahn BP convenience store who received $50,000 for selling Kevin Carlson his $71.5 million winning ticket in December 2013.




The winner has been playing the Powerball for several years and always plays the same numbers – the birthdays of family members – and always buys her tickets at the same gas station. In fact it was the birthday details that gave the first clue that she had won. “Her brother called her early Sunday morning after the drawing and asked whether she still used their family birthdays as her Powerball numbers because they had come up,” Ms Laborde recounted. “She didn’t believe him and therefore waited until after breakfast to check her ticket on the computer. Needless to say, she was stunned.”

Ms Laborde went on to give some advice to other lottery winners and suggested that other than paying off mortgages and bills, the structure of their lives should remain as it always has.

Ms Laborde went on to give some advice to other lottery winners and suggested that other than paying off mortages and bills, the structure of their lives should remain as it always has.

If you are interested in using birthday’s as your numbers as well, you can see if they feature in the most and least drawn numbers in previous draws by viewing our Powerball numbers statistics.