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Powerball Winners 100 Miracles from Sargento Foods, Plymouth, Wisconsin were the lucky recipients of the 5th August 2006 Powerball draw with the numbers 2, 3, 9, 48, 50, and a Powerball of 23. 100 Miracles, as they call themselves, took home the impressive $208.6 million Powerball prize.

To see how successful these numbers have been in previous draws you can run them through our Powerball results checker, which will then bring up any draws in which they’ve won prizes previously.



The group of employees had been pooling their money to play Powerball for over three years every time the prize went over $100 million for the Powerball draw. Mary Entringer, the pool’s organiser, said that usually they had between seventy and ninety people but this time she went against company rules and used the public address system to announce the large

Powerball draw for the following day. This announcement attracted 100 people from the company and they will all take an equal share of the Powerball prize.
One of the members of the pool thought that rubbing a Buddha statue’s belly might improve their chances of having the winning Powerball numbers. “We don’t know it it’s the Buddha that brought us the good fortune to win this. We don’t know if it was our prayers to God that were answered,” said Mary Entringer, “We’re just grateful that it was a hundred people, and we’re all going to share in this bounty.”





When the Powerball results were announced, Shirley Roehrborn, age 54, said everyone was very emotional, “Everybody is hugging, everyone is crying. It was wonderful to share it with everyone.”

Wisconsin’s Lottery Director Mike Edmonds said, “This is the most winners splitting in Powerball history nationwide.” About 75 of the Powerball winners attended the news conference outside Ma and Pa’s Grocery Express at 506 S. Main Street in Fond du Lac. The store will receive $100,000 for selling the ticket with the winning Powerball numbers.
A Stop & Shop store in Brunswick didn’t get quite as much for selling Mario Scarnici’s winning ticket for his thrid share of a $448 million jackpot, getting a $30,000 commission instead.





This isn’t the first winning ticket that Ma and Pa’s Grocery Express have sold. They sold a winning Megabucks ticket in 1994 which gave the winner $6.5 million and they have also sold tickets with smaller wins. The stretch of road where Ma and Pa’s sits is known as “Miracle Mile” as during the 1990’s several stores along the road sold winning multimillion dollar tickets.

It was decided to have a street party and close the road for a few hours to celebrate. “The people in Fond du Lac want to have this hoopla, Ma and Pa want to have this hoopla, so we’re having a party today,” Edmonds said. Inside the tent which was set up outside the store, each winner received a dummy cheque for $208.6 million.





Most of the lucky Powerball winners have decided to take the lump sum which will be around $670,000 after taxes. A few have decided to go the instalment route. That means an amount of $1.4 million will be paid out over a period of thirty years. The first instalment will be around $25,000 and the last will be around $79,000 after taxes.

Most winners choose the cash option, such as Patricia Chandler when she won $131.5 million in 2013.




Many of the winners plan to continue working at the cheese processing plant but a few have already left to pursue other opportunities following their success from the Powerball draw. Mary Entringer said she will definitely continue working and will invest her winnings after buying a house by the lake in northern Wisconsin. Mike Theune, aged 23, says he will stay at Sargento but will take an external degree in human resources management so he can climb up the ladder within the company. He says he will invest most of the money but wants to buy a vehicle for himself and his Dad and also buy a house.

If you fancy your chances at winning the Powerball but are struggling with which numbers to play, you can look at our Powerball numbers statistics for some inspiration.