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Powerball Winner Tara Ramirez

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Powerball Winner Tara Ramirez, aged 37, won the $70 million jackpot on 25th February 2012 Powerball lottery results. She was presented with her dummy cheque by Yolanda Vega, a New York Lottery official. The cheque was in the name of Case Park LLC.


The Powerball winner, from Hartsdale, Westchester County, does not want any publicity regarding her Powerball jackpot win which is one reason why she has formed the company Case Park LLC (limited liability company). Much like $60 million 2012 winner Kathleen Last who set up the Ohana Trust following her win She is the company’s sole member and benefactor. This is actually a smart move because it means Tara can spend her Powerball lotto money without her name being personally involved. It gives her a great degree of anonymity.

Tara only decided to play Powerball the day before the 25th February draw. She spent a total of $10 that day, $8 on the Powerball lottery tickets and $2 on Mega Millions tickets.

These she bought from Dairydel grocery and deli on South Central Avenue in Hartsdale. This store will receive a bonus of $10,000 for selling the ticket with the winning Powerball numbers on it.




Tara Ramirez and Case Park LLC can thank the winning Powerball numbers of 6, 11, 42, 53, 54, and 7 for their new multimillionaire status. You can see if any of these numbers are amongst the most drawn historically in the Powerball by viewing Loterry24’s Powerball number statsitics. Ramirez said, “I’m in shock and my family is just as excited.”

She added, “It will mean financial security for me and my family for many years to come.” Case Park LLC has decided to take the cash payout. This is $43,668,122 before taxes and $28,899,563 after taxes for the Powerball lotto jackpot. The only information Tara Ramirez would divulge was that she was married and had spent the last few years living in Greenburgh. She says she doesn’t have any grand plans. The lucky Powerball winner will however be able to pay off some debts and look after her family and plans to ensure that they all stay grounded.

If you want to check your own Powerball numbers to see if you have followed in the footsteps of Tara then you can do so using our Powerball results checker.