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Powerball Winner Christopher McGurran, 30, from St Petersburg, received a late Christmas gift when he won the $50million Powerball jackpot from the draw held on December 26th 2012. The winning numbers in the Powerball results draw were: 11, 13, 23, 43, 54, and Powerball of 4. The winning ticket was a quick pick.

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Getting his new year off to an incredible start, Mr McGurran claimed the Powerball lotto prize on January 9th along with his wife and was presented with a one time lump sum payment of $32m. This was after the lucky player decided not to take 6-figure annual payments which would have spread his Powerball lottery jackpot over the next 30 years. Ted Baumgartner won a $50 million Powerball jackpot in March 2013 and also chose a lump sum payment.

The winner, a heating and cooling technician, has not divulged how he intends to spend his new found Powerball lotto fortune, however his neighbour, Bud Patten was quick to congratulate the new multi-millionaire “It’s always somebody, someplace else, and you wonder if somebody won it. It’s nice.”



Lottery officials reportedly told the press that the couple were excited but also “subdued”. David Bishop, deputy secretary of the Florida Lotto also said the couple had been talking to a financial advisor and were looking at various investment options.

Winners often do seek financial advice when they pocket such a huge prize. Mary Ann Thompson won $124.9 million in July 2014 and took financial advice before even coming forward and claiming her prize.

The winning Powerball lottery ticket, bought at Sweetbay, located on 2139 34th Street North in St Petersburg, has encouraged other lottery players to play Powerball there too. Players are hoping that lightning does strike twice! The store will receive a $25,000 bonus incentive for selling the winning Powerball lottery ticket. In statistical terms the chances of landing the Powerball jackpot are 135 million-to-one.



The Florida lottery was officially launched in 1988 and over its 28 year history has demonstrated some impressive statistics. It has been responsible for contributing more than $24 billion to education within the state and for educating more than 600,000 students at college achieved through the Bright Futures Scholarship Initiative. The funds generated by the lottery are now an integral part of funding for state led projects. The agency re-invests 98% of its revenue back into the economy through prize payouts to winners, bonus and incentive payments to lottery retailers and transfers to education. Since the first draw was held in 1986, 1200 have been made millionaires (and many of those, multi-millionaries!) by playing the Florida lottery.

Mr McGurran can now take his place in Floridian lottery history as the fifth Powerball lotto winner within the state.

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