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Powerball Winner Noel Peel scoops $60 million jackpot

Powerball Winner Noel Peel became the state’s 8th jackpot winner after nearly deciding against buying a ticket! “At the time, I'm thinking, Wow, I'm going to waste $2 on this?'"recalled Noel Peel, 47, a local contractor. “As it turns out, it was a pretty good gamble." The draw held on Saturday 23rd June 2012 resulted in a jackpot win of $60 million for Mr Peel, with the Powerball results for the draw revealing the winning numbers of 1 – 3 – 41 – 44 – 53 and a Powerball of 30.


Picking up his Powerball lotto prize from lottery HQ with his wife Fredda, he was presented with a cheque by Frank Farricker, Chairman of the Board for the CT Lottery.

The couple opted to take a lump-sum, pre-tax payment of nearly £40 million for their Powerball lottery jackpot. Federal income tax on the winnings will be $10 million and state income tax will total just inder $3 million, Connecticut lottery officials said. Receiving the cheque, Mr Peel told the crowd of onlookers “It’s a beautiful thing.”



A regular customer of John’s Deli, Mr Peel caught sight of the Lottery’s in-store display terminal while he waited in line for his daily breakfast sandwich and coffee. At the counter, he decided to buy a few tickets – two for Mega Millions, and two for the Powerball lotto. His “Quick Pick” ticket turned out to be the only Powerball lottery ticket sold nationwide that matched the winning numbers exactly.



Forgetting about his purchase until a few days days later, he suddenly noticed his Powerball lottery ticket in the console of his truck and decided to use the Lottery Ticket Checker at the deli. The ticket was identified as a Powerball jackpot winner.

Mr Peel said he was convinced that there had been a glitch when he scanned his winning "Quick Pick" ticket and asked both his brother and wife to verify the Powerball lotto numbers were indeed correct. “It wasn’t until we got to Lottery headquarters that we learned that the jackpot was actually worth $60 million,” he explained. “We just couldn’t believe it.”


The latest Powerball lotto winner plans to quit his job and said he would like to use his winnings to fix his roof, buy his wife a new car and pay for his children's college education. Fredda Peel, an artist, said she and her husband also plan to do volunteer work and make donations to their community.

"We're going to blend back into our life and maybe just be more productive with it in a very positive sense because we can do that now," she said.



During the presentation for his Powerball lottery jackpot Noel Peel expressed his gratitude to John's Deli, which he described as "the best place to get a bacon, egg, and cheese" that also "pays real well." Keung Wong, owner of John's Deli, also shares in the good luck and accepted a $100,000 cheque from the state lottery at the same presentation for selling the lucky Powerball lotto ticket.



“We are just so thankful that this has happened,” said Mr Peel, a self-employed building contractor. “We have an amazing family. We don’t need a million dollars to make it better, but it doesn’t hurt,” he said laughing.

The Powerball lottery jackpot has been won twice by Connecticut residents. The last one was Christopher Ewen who won a $59.5 million Powerball top prize on June 25th, 2005.