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Powerball Winners Thomas and Kathleen Morris

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Powerball Winners Thomas and Kathleen Morris, of Burnsville in Minnesota, went to their financial advisers two days before their Powerball lotto jackpot win, to see if they were financially secure enough to retire. They were told ‘no.’ Kathleen Morris told her husband, “Tom, the only way we’re going to retire is if we win the lottery.” So they did. They won $228.9 million in the 10th August 2011 Powerball lottery draw, with the winning Powerball numbers 11 18 36 41 46 and the Powerball, 38.


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Thomas Morris was on his way out of town on a business trip and decided to stop at Lakeville Super America to play Powerball. He always bought three but on that day he only had a $5 bill, so he bought 5 Powerball Quick Pick tickets. Miraculously it was the fourth line which won the Morris’ the Powerball lotto jackpot. Morris said he chose Lakeville Super America, which is at 162nd Street W and Cedar Avenue, because “every time I go in there, they’re nice to me, so I thought I’ll given them my business rather than going down the road and giving it to someone else. I pulled up and bought the ticket. I told the kid at the counter, “you don’t need to sell any more, I’ve got the winning ticket.””


Super America will receive $50,000 for selling the ticket with the winning Powerball numbers on it.



The Powerball winner was still not home when his wife Kathleen saw that the winning ticket had been bought in Dakota County. Kathleen said at the press conference, “Darn, we missed our chance. I looked at the numbers and said to myself, ‘I wouldn’t have chosen those numbers anyway.’” “So Thom came home, we were watching the 9 o’ clock news and they said someone in Dakota County had won the Powerball lotto jackpot. It’s too bad we didn’t buy a ticket. Thomas said, I did buy a ticket. I got this feeling that this was good news. He went to get the tickets and I only remembered the Powerball was 38. And there was 38.”


Thomas and Kathleen Morris carefully checked the rest of the winning Powerball numbers and found that all six matched the Powerball results of the draw. Kathleen put the winning ticket in a sealed plastic bag and kept it by her until they arrived at the state lottery headquarters the following day.


Neither of the Morris’ slept well on the Thursday night and said they were both in a state of shock. “It’s still kind of hard to get my head round,” said Thomas, it’s a lot of money.”



The Powerball winners are both aged 61 and have been married for 38 years and have two adult daughters. They had another surprise last week when they became grandparents for the first time. Thomas said he is very excited about what this money can do for his family, especially his 86 year old mother. They haven’t decided whether to take the cash payout or not for their Powerball lotto jackpot, but they have 60 days to make that decision.


The cash payout would be $123 million which would amount to $84 million after taxes. If they decide to take annual payments, they would receive around $7.5 million a year for 30 years. Thomas is a sales engineer for a mechanical contracting company, but Kathleen pointed out that as of 14 or 15 hours ago, he is now retired. Kathleen runs a small coffee business and enjoys playing golf. The Morris’ contacted their daughters straight away on Skype and Face Time, but checked that they were sitting down before showing them the winning Powerball lottery ticket. Thomas Morris then rang his brother and four sisters and told them.


He said he had a good time with that, because they just didn’t believe him and took a lot of convincing.




The Powerball winners are not sure how they are going to spend their money. They say family comes first and they have a very large family, but they do have some charities that they will donate to. They both said that they need to get some sound financial advice before they commit to anything. The Morris’ added that it was strange to think that they had gone to their financial adviser five days before to be told there was no way Thomas could retire now, so this chat was going to be much more fun. “It’s a great feeling,” Thomas Morris said, “we are going to have fun.” Kathleen added, “We’ll live the way we live – just a little higher.”

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