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Powerball Winner – Vinh Nguyen

It’s not unusual for a big Powerball lottery jackpot win to attract attention, so it was no surprise when reporters turned up at a salon in California, looking for the newest multi-millionaire in the country. Of course, the place was in darkness and the $228.4 million winning ticket holder was being suitably coy about revealing himself to the expectant public.

Powerball Winner Vinh Nguyen purchased 15 tickets for the September 24 draw in 2014 but just one of those lines happened to match every number of the Powerball results draw - 7, 14, 21, 24, 41, and Powerball prize number 26.

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For some reason everyone wants to know how the winners of big prizes choose their numbers, as if there is some magic formula to it all. Some people use special dates like birthdays, others try more complicated ways of picking the right Powerball lotto numbers. Vinh Nguyen was perfectly honest when asked how he got it right for this prize draw – he simply picked them off the top of his head.

The odds of winning the Powerball lottery is a staggering 175 million to one. It really is a game of chance, but if you pick the right numbers you could be sitting on a multi-million jackpot that can change your life and those around you. For those who are interested in their statistics, our Powerball draw results statistics will show you the most commonly drawn numbers historically.



Nguyen was the only one with the winning numbers for the September 24 draw and so netted the entire $228.4 million dollars for himself (minus a little for the State and Federal tax man). He decided to play Powerball at Key Markets Store, just across the road from the nail salon where he worked, in San Mateo, California.

The store got a cool $1 million for selling the winning ticket so were happy to have the state’s news and television crews parked outside the store for quite a while, trying to get a glimpse of and a chat with the lucky winner.



Most big lottery winners choose to take a lump sum when they get the right Powerball results such as $60 million July 2014 winner John 'Jack' Long for example. Nguyen was different in that he chose to take an annuity whereby he’d receive set payments for the full amount over an extended period of 30 years.

That means he got $3 million after taxes for the first year, gradually increasing to around $10 million when it reaches the final payment sometime in the future.



If the news folk were expecting an interview with the new rich kid on the block, Nguyen was going to disappoint. He simply released a press statement saying that he didn’t want to be interviewed about his Powerball lotto win but he did say that he had been playing for the last five years and that he had usually decided how much he would spend depending on his tips at work for that particular week.

The money was going to be life changing for the salon worker, there’s no doubt about that, but he had no real idea what he was going to spend it on. Much like $90 million winner Lisa Quam who was at a loss about what she would spend her November 2014 Powerball windfall on.

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