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Powerball Winners Darin Fox and Todd Reardon

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Powerball Winners Darin Fox and Todd Reardon from Clarksville, Indiana, and Jeffersonville, Indiana won the lottery jackpot of $221.7 million on 6th April 2011. They waited two weeks before coming forward to claim their prize while they consulted with financial advisers, lawyers, family and friends. Much like 2005 winner of $220.3 million Brad Duke who put together a team of advisors before claiming his win.


Darin Fox and Todd Reardon are welders and have worked together for eight years. When Darin joined the same company where Todd worked, Todd tried to make him feel at home and invited him to have a beer after work. Todd said, “After that, we were like two peas.”

Three years ago they decided that they would pool their money and play Powerball. Todd said, “Darin would come to me on a Tuesday and say ‘are you buying this week ‘cus I ain’t feeling lucky.’” He added that the following week, perhaps Darin would buy. So they put in $2 each and usually bought tickets for the Hoosier Lotto, but this time, because the Powerball jackpot was so big, they decided to buy one Quick Pick Powerball ticket.

They bought their ticket which happened to have the winning numbers from the Powerball results – 10-18-41-55-56 and Powerball 15 – from Circle K, 820 Eastern Blvd in Clarksville, Indiana. This lucky store will receive $100,000 for selling the winning Powerball lottery ticket, which is the maximum allowed. Fox and Reardon have chosen to take the cash payout of $111,737,726 and will both receive $40,002,146.87 after taxes from their Powerball jackpot.



Darin Fox said, “I woke up Thursday morning and prior to going to work, I got out of the shower and started checking the tickets on the internet and I realised we’d hit the magic numbers – I almost had a heart attack.” To see how magic these numbers have been historically, you can see if any of them in appear in the most drawn numbers in our Powerball numbers statistics section.


He rang Todd Reardon and Todd said he didn’t believe his friend and spent about ten minutes checking and rechecking the numbers before it finally sank in that they had won the Powerball jackpot.



Darin Fox (aged 32) and Todd Reardon (aged 38) have always day dreamed about what they would do when they won big on the lottery but have decided to take their time before spending any of their Powerball lottery windfall. Fox said that they both found their Powerball jackpot win “overwhelming”. “It’s been a whirlwind figuring all this out,” Fox said. “I’m used to living pay cheque to pay cheque.” The one thing they both agree on is that they have now retired!

Both Darin Fox and Todd Reardon love to hunt and intend to buy some land with their Powerball jackpot money to do just that. Todd’s son also wants a new dirt bike to ride on whatever land is bought. Todd is happy that he will be able to pay off his car loan for the new Jeep he bought a couple of weeks ago and Darin Fox is going to buy himself a Ford F250 truck. Todd’s wife, Tiffany, wants to buy a Black Ops Jeep Wrangler.



Darin is really happy that he will now be able to buy his parents a house and his mum a convertible thanks to the winning Powerball lottery numbers. He made it clear at the press conference that he is still single however he may now get a few more marriage proposals.

“It’s been fun watching all this,” Darin Fox’s father, Russell commented, “it’s one of those dreams that you don’t really think is going to come true.” Darin’s reply was, “Everybody plays to win, that’s why we buy tickets, right?”

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