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Click the Sign Up button and enter your details along with the promo code you found on your scratchcard.


Once you have created your account, Lottery24 send you an email to confirm your address. Click the link in the email.


Lottery24 will then send you another email to let you know if you’ve won one of our grand prizes. This may take up to 5 days.

Full Scratchcard Terms & Conditions

1. Participating

a. The following people cannot use a Scratchcard and Lottery24 will not be liable to award a Prize to them:
anyone under the age of 18, whether that person is using it for themselves or anyone else;
– directors and employees of Lottery24;
– any person who is prevented from playing Games under the Commission’s Codes of Conduct;
– any person or related person with direct or indirect involvement of the production of scratchcards in any form.
b. If a Prize is awarded to anyone listed above, a return of the prize is required immediately if requested.
c. Each person is only allowed to create one account. Opening several accounts with different email addresses is not allowed and if detected, no prize will be awarded.

2. Responsibilities

a. You are responsible for keeping Your Scratchcard safe and in good condition. The Scratchcard must be presented when claiming a Prize – if you don’t present the Scratchcard, the prize won’t be awarded.
b. Neither Lottery24 nor any retailer or distributor will be responsible for:
– loss, theft, mutilation, destruction or degradation of, or damage to, any Scratchcard; or
– any mistakes or omissions in respect of data recorded or not recorded on any Scratchcard; or
– any loss of whatever nature suffered or incurred by any person as a result of any of the above affecting the Scratchcard.

3. Process

a. If 1.a does not apply, you must sign up for free on
b. During the registration process, the code on your scratchcard must be entered exactly as shown.
c. Once you have validated your email address, we will process all codes within 2 working days. Lottery24 will contact you in the event of a winning scratchcard.

4. Claiming a Prize

a. You can only claim a Prize if you are the owner of a Winning Scratchcard and have that original Scratchcard with you when collecting your prize and 1.a does not apply. It might not be necessary to collect some of the smaller value prizes, however the larger value prizes do require collecting.
b. Using the code on your scratchcard is only valid until the expiry date shown on your scratchcard.

5. Fraudulent Activity

a. If we suspect you are linked to fraudulent activity and have a winning ticket code, Lottery24 will refuse to award the prize.
b. Fraudulent Activity includes;
– Trying or generating different codes for which you do not have the scratchcard.
– Opening multiple accounts by obtaining more than 1 scratchcard.
– Trying to fake a scratchcard with the winning code.

6. Awarding of Prizes

a. When collecting a prize a photo will be taken of you with a Lottery24 representative which could be used for marketing and in social media.
b. Your first name and town can be made public through Lottery24 website and social media channels it controls.
c. If you do not wish to share the details as set out in 6a or 6b you will forfeit any prize awarded to you by Lottery24.
d. Prizes may take up to 60 days from claiming to be awarded to you.
e. Lotterty24 reserve the right to change the stated prize to one of equal value if the stated prize is not available for any reason.

For any other queries contact Lottery24 directly on