2013 El Gordo results table

The following table shows last year’s 2013 Lotería de Navidad results:


The table below shows each individual ticket number and the amount that each ticket was worth during last year’s Spanish Christmas Lottery.

In total, there are 100,000 numbers available to play on the Spanish El Gordo de Navidad lottery". Each number is printed 160 times. Some tickets may have the same numbers as other tickets, the only thing that will vary are a few digits (serie’s).

Unlike other lotteries where you pick the numbers you wish to play, Spain’s Christmas Lottery (or Loteria de Navidad as it is commonly known in Spain) has the numbers ready for you to choose. Each El Gordo de Navidad lottery ticket has 10 parts or ‘decimos’.

Players can choose whether or not to buy a whole ticket or just a tenth (decimo) of that ticket to spread their chances of winning. As there are so many tickets for the Spanish Christmas Lottery, results are in long tables or lists, making it slightly more complicated for people to understand how to check the lottery results properly.

Spanish Lotería de Navidad results tables are usually split into sections and organised into numerical order or ticket numbers to be checked easily. For example if you had ticket number 23889, you would take the first 2 digits from that ticket number (in this case that number would be 23). You then find section 23 on the Spanish Christmas Lottery results table and search for your number within that section.

Once that number has been found, the column next to it will tell you the amount that particular ticket has won. Previous Spanish Christmas Lottery results tables are usually used as a way to help people choose which tickets they might choose for the following year.

These Lotería de Navidad Lottery results tables are usually a way for people to look for continuous patterns of numbers that have won big prizes or in some cases, looking at ticket numbers that have not been won yet and may have a chance of winning in the next draw.

Chose your lucky ticket numbers on Lottery24 and purchase your tickets for the next Spanish Christmas lottery draw on the 22nd December 2014 in Madrid, Spain.

Lottery results are usually available a couple of days after the live lottery draw. Just a few days after on the 6th of January 2015 the Spanish El Nino lottery is drawn. It works on a similar basis but has fewer tickets and less prizes.

 Lottery24 - El Gordo Table 2013


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