Spanish Christmas Lottery coverage Video coverage showing the 2013 Spanish Christmas Lottery (El Gordo de la navidad)

Every year, the results of the Spanish Christmas Lottery or El Gordo de Navidad, as it’s known in Spain, are covered globally, whether it is a national broadcast of the results across Spanish television or a chance to check results online.

The video below gives a small insight into the atmosphere surrounding the Spanish lottery event and some lucky winners.   

In a clip from last year’s 2013 Spanish  El Gordo de Navidad, the video shows children from around Spain coming together to sing and display the results. Known as a big event around he Spanish Christmas Holidays, people can be seen around Spain dressed for the occasion with lottery themed glasses and outfits made from their purchased El Gordo de Navidad tickets.  

People on the streets are also seen selling Spanish Christmas Lottery tickets hanging from their necks to passers-by in the lead up to the live draw.

As a lottery that allows you to win hundreds of small prizes as well as big winnings, people come together to form syndicates for a better chance at winning one of the top Spanish Christmas Lottery prizes.

As draws are read out and watched live by millions across the globe, people join together to celebrate in the streets with prize winnings ranging from €200 - €1,000,000.



53 year old ex travel agent Alfonso Martinez, was one of the lucky people to celebrate, along with others who had recently become unemployed and were facing financial worries.


Here’s a look at a couple of the lucky winners from last year’s Spanish Christmas lottery talking about their prizes.

The coverage taken from last year’s Spanish El Gordo, shows people sticking their winning tickets across themselves and on shop windows as they celebrate their lottery prizes.

Alfonso Martinez, one of the lucky Spanish Christmas Lottery winners back in 2013, talks about his recent job loss and how he was left with no money after his former boss had run off with the company’s funds.

One woman shows the lucky 62246 ticket that had led to her lottery success.

Another explains how her winning ticket was bought at random when she decided last minute to go into the store and purchase one for her and her syndicate group. She goes on to tell how her neighbor had informed her the next morning that they had won.

Lucky Spanish Christmas Lottery Numbers

Many like to pick their numbers based on birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Another popular way to pick numbers for some people involves choosing the dates of big global events that have happened during the previous year. Over the years, ticket sales have shown that the most popular El Gordo de Navidad numbers to be chosen every year are “66666”.

Another strategy that is particularly popular with the Spanish El Gordo de Navidad players is using hot and cold numbers. Hot numbers are chosen by picking the same or similar numbers to those who had won over the previous years. The numbers 15640 and 20297 have proven to be the best hot numbers to use during the El Gordo de Navidad, as they have been winners twice in previous years.

Cold numbers are determined by using numbers that haven’t been chosen often in the past and are therefore “due” to be drawn. This year’s Spanish Christmas Lottery (Loteria Navidad) live draw will take place on the 22nd Of December in Madrid, Spain.

The El Nino lottery results will take place on the 6th of January 2015 and are also held in Madrid, Spain. Although similar to the Spanish Christmas Lottery, the El Nino lottery is a slightly smaller lottery with chances to win smaller jackpot prizes a good overall chances of winning.

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