Very few people know it, and even less buy it, but the number 00,000 exists. And it's not the only curious thing about the Spanish Christmas Lottery. Did you know that two simultaneous draws were held in 1938? Or that the floor of the draw room is covered with carpeting to prevent the balls from rolling if they are dropped by mistake? El Gordo de Navidadis more than 200 years old, and in two centuries there is a lot of history behind it.


Everybody has their own preferences when it is time to choose a number for the Spanish Christmas lottery. Some people like to choose important dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or the birth of a child while others prefer to select numbers from historic events, such as the coronation of the Kings. Many people used the date when Spain won the World Cup.


There are obviously people who use random numbers as well, but the majority look for a specific number. In general, players prefer “nice” numbers, and “nice numbers” mean numbers whose digits do not repeat themselves. For example the 77,777, even if it looks a striking number, is one of the less desired ones, despite the fact it has the same possibilities of being drawn than any other number.


Something similar happens to numbers from 1 to 10,000. They are among the least selected, since the majority of Spanish Christmas lottery buyers prefer higher numbers. The tickets with low numbers are obviously also included in the draw though, as well as numbers which people forget even exist for example 00,000. Now that you’ve been reminded, would you buy it?

The selection of numbers isn’t the only intriguing thing about El Gordo de Navidad. There are other things which are interesting to know such as during its over 200 years of being run, the draw has never been suspended, even once. The Civil War was not able to stop its celebration: in 1938, two different Spanish Christmas lottery draws were held at the same time, one in Burgos and the other in Barcelona. The reason being Spain was divided into two political factions.


The date of the El Gordo de Navidad draw, the 22nd of December, is considered as the start of Christmas time. But the curious thing is that the sales of the tickets start in the middle of the summer.
Everyone that purchases a Spanish Christmas lottery ticket, or a share, does it in the hope that they will get a prize, hence it is hard to believe, but it’s a true fact, that each year there are still a lot of tickets whose prizes remain unclaimed.

You must be careful, because the right to collect Spanish Christmas lottery prizes has an expiry date. So if you have a winning ticket, or a winning decimo, don’t wait more than three months from the day after the draw is held or you will not be able to collect your prize anymore.


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