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The Thunderball lottery is a popular lottery game played in the UK on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday each week.
In order to play, all you need to do is pick five numbers (from a range of 1 – 39) as well as a Thunderball number (from 1 – 14). To win the jackpot, all five numbers drawn as well as the Thunderball number, must match your selections. A major attraction to the Thunderball is the fact that regardless of how many people hit the jackpot, each winner still gets £500,000. This allows this game to offer players a higher amount of profitable opportunities in comparison to other lotteries. The odds of winning any prize are approximately 1 in 13.Please find below a table displaying a breakdown of the different prize categories and the odds of winning them:
Rank 1£ 500,0005 Numbers + Thunderball1 in 8,060,598
Rank 2£ 5,0005 Numbers1 in 620,046
Rank 3£ 2504 Numbers + Thunderball1 in 47,416
Rank 4£ 1004 Numbers1 in 3,648
Rank 5£ 203 Numbers + Thunderball1 in 1,437
Rank 6£ 103 Numbers1 in 111
Rank 7£ 102 Numbers + Thunderball1 in 135
Rank 8£ 51 Number + Thunderball1 in 35
Rank 9£ 3Thunderball only1 in 29
Thunderball History
The Thunderball was launched in 1999 with the first draw taking place on June 12th that year. It was originally only played on Saturdays prior to developments which also saw a Wednesday and Friday draw introduced. It was in May 2010 when some of the most significant changes took place and we saw the range of numbers increase, a prize added for matching the Thunderball alone, and the former jackpot of £250,000 was doubled. These changes increased the chances of winning any prize by more than double, however also decreased the chances of winning the top prize. As from 30 January 2018, a Tuesday draw was also introduced.
Further Information
On average, 52.882% of Thunderball sales are paid out to players in prizes.