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UK Lotto Must Be Won draws

Following a rule change in November 2018, the UK Lotto introduced Must Be Won draws. A UK Lotto Must Be Won happens when the Lotto has rolled over five times. On the next draw, the jackpot must go!

Jackpot roll-downs mean bigger prizes for all

If somebody matches all six main numbers, they take home the jackpot as usual. However, if there is still no jackpot winner in the Must Be Won draw, a rolldown takes place.

A jackpot rolldown means that the top prize is shared between all cash winners. Whether you match three or five numbers, the cash prize will be bigger.

How much can you win in a rolldown?

Each prize tier is allocated a percentage of the jackpot. 3% of the jackpot is shared between the Match 5 + Bonus tier, usually fixed at £1 million. 6% then goes to the Match 5 tier, usually worth £1,750.

The Match 4 tier shares 17%, and Match 3 is allocated 74%. Prize amounts vary depending on the number of winners. Each winner will, as a rule, get a bigger prize than a regular draw.

Must Be Won Rolldown Amounts

Numbers Matched The amount in a Regular Draw Percentage of Jackpot in a Rolldown Estimated Prize with a Rolldown
5 + Bonus Ball £1 million 3% £1.2 million
5 £1,750 6% £10,500
4 £140 17% £500
3 £30 74% £100

It’s already made a big difference

The UK Lotto Must Be Won drawings began in November 2018. The aim was to ensure the jackpot is won more often.

Since then, Must Be Won drawings have taken place several times with plenty of rolldowns. Thanks to the new rules, lucky players took home bigger prizes.

UK Lotto Must Be Won Draws so far

Date Jackpot Amount Did it rolldown?
Saturday, 18 May 2019 £11,708,252 Yes
Saturday, 27 April 2019 £11,396,192 Yes
Saturday, 6 April 2019 £11,399,990 No – 1 winner
Wednesday, 13 March 2019 £12,984,966 Yes
Wednesday, 20 February 2019 £18,448,180 Yes
Wednesday, 30 January 2019 £12,950,857 Yes
Saturday, 22 December 2018 £12,950,857 No – 2 Jackpot winners

More jackpot wins but the same odds of winnings

Prior to the new rules being introduced there was a cap on the UK Lotto jackpot of £22 million. Before that, the largest UK Lotto win to date was in January 2016, when two winning tickets shared a jackpot worth £66 million.

The odds of winning the UK Lotto are still the same. To win the jackpot the odds are 1 in 45 million. To win any prize you have a 1 in 9.3 chance.

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