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You Won't Believe These 10 Crazy and Unusual Purchases by Lottery Winners

Winning the lottery became a reality for these 10 people. They then went on to spend their money in crazy and unusual ways.

This can lead to some interesting ways to spend a lot of money. Here are 10 of the wildest ways lottery winners have parted with their cash!

1. Buy Your Local Football Team

Colin Weir, a EuroMillions winner, had Partick Thistle Football Club on his shopping list. Having won £161 million back in 2011, Weir has invested £2.5 million into the football club.

That has all come to a sudden halt as Thistle is in the midst of a takeover from an unknown party. Having bailed the club out of financial turmoil, wiping all their debts, Weir has recently pulled his support.

colin and chris weir euromillions winners

Such was his level of investment, the club named their youth academy after the lottery winner. But it seems that Weir isn’t even going to invest in a bus for the team’s away fixtures now.

His investment has been “transformational” according to the board, but he has taken a step back for now.

Colin Weir has now been convinced to buy the club and will offer the fans the chance to also buy a part of it.

2. A Wee Drop of Whiskey

Peter Lavery, who won $17.7m decided he didn’t want to only get everyone a drink, he wanted to own the drinks he was giving out!

Lavery invested $5m into his own whiskey business.

peter lavery

It might not have been the first thing on every lottery winner’s mind, but for Peter, it has turned into a good decision. The distillery he bought is making a profit to this day, allowing him to enjoy the other half of his fortune.

3. Let’s Have a Knees Up!

Everyone will have particular items they dream of getting when their numbers come in. The things that you’d go out the very next day and buy without hesitation.

Jimmy Choo shoes, a sports car, the house in the country or the best education money can buy for their kids. There aren’t many people whose first stop would be a surgeon to replace their knees!

Greta and Tony Dodd did exactly that after winning $3.4 million in the lottery. Greta had always been a lover of dancing, but due to joint problems, she couldn’t take part any more.

With their newfound wealth, Greta and her husband bought themselves a set of brand new knees. Now they can both get back on the dance floor. Sometimes it is what’s on the inside that is most important.

4. The Backyard Demolition Derby

A sudden, life-changing amount of money can make you feel like a kid again. Just seeing what the already rich and famous of the world are spending their fortunes on just goes to prove that.

But sometimes lottery winners are nothing more than kids themselves. So, what happens when a teenager wins the lottery?

michael carroll

We can look back on the bizarre life of Michael Carroll, a 19-year-old who won $18m on the National Lottery in the UK.

Being young and carefree, Carroll decided that rather than being caught breaking the law in his fleet of luxury cars, he would simply build his own race track in his back garden.

His neighbours must have hated every second, as his property looked more like a scrapyard than a mansion.

He eventually lost not only his house and personal race track but his fortune as well. A combination of drink, drugs and prostitutes saw him squander his millions, leaving him back living like a regular guy.

5. Buying Your Way to Number One

Winning $3.2m on the lottery should give a happy couple the financial freedom to enjoy many happy years together. No more worrying about bills, or if there will be a holiday to look forward to.

But not for one couple who won all those millions. Roger Griffiths and his partner at the time weren’t looking for a quiet life in the country or to spend some time cruising the Caribbean. He had plans to top the charts with his college band.

He ploughed nearly $30,000 into this dream, only for it to come crashing down around him.

Along with his partner and some very poor business decisions by them both, their relationship ended in bankruptcy and divorce.

6. Winners are Over the Moon!

Winning the lottery almost guarantees you can live in the home of your dreams. With all of that cash, what could stop you?

Well, when David Copeland won $1 million on the lottery there was one thing that got in the way of the house of his dreams.

He didn’t just want any patch of land to build on, he wanted to go galactic! Copeland spent an unknown amount on pieces of land on the Moon, Mars and Venus.

With a bit more luck, he will be able to find a builder out there to give him a quote.

7. Straight Flush - Down the Toilet

Some of us play the lottery every week, and it is the only bit of gambling we will ever do. The stakes are low, and the thrill of watching the draw is enough to keep us playing and hoping.

But for others, the lottery is just one of a number of ways they choose to spend their money. Whether it’s slots or sports, there seems to be a never-ending stream of places to gamble. For Evelyn Adams, Poker was her game of choice.

Even though she played poker regularly, she still found time to play the lottery and has won it twice! While most of us are still dreaming about a win, Adams has burned through her cash at the poker tables.

She has spent around $6 million at casinos in Atlantic City, and no doubt will be waiting on her numbers coming in again. Then she can get right back to playing the game she loves, poker.

8. The Favourite Doesn’t Always Win

Horse racing is said to be the sport of kings. That may have been the case in the past, but with millions being won each week on the lottery, it is now just as easy for the next winner to buy themselves a thoroughbred as it is for royalty.

But horse racing isn’t for everyone. These glorious animals need special care and attention, which is something not everyone considers when buying one.

Just ask Keith Gough, who made his fortune playing the UK National Lottery. He bought the things most of us would, like a nice house and an expensive car. He even made his gardener $90,000 richer.

But it was a racehorse that cost over a quarter of a million that ultimately led to him losing everything by the end of his life. His race was run without anything to show for it at the finish line.

9. Sisters do it for Themselves

The first thing most of us would do if we suddenly had millions in the bank would be to make sure our nearest and dearest were looked after as well.

Being able to take the financial strain away from your family is not something that anyone has to do, but it must feel so good when you decide to.

Sometimes, just making sure the bills can be paid isn’t enough.

sarah cockings

Sarah Cockings was 21 years old when she won $4 million on the lottery. She has been pretty sensible with her winnings, and still lives comfortably, but she did splash out on something for her and her two sisters.

She booked them all in with a plastic surgeon and gave them the most uplifting of presents – a boob job! Her sisters were delighted with the results and they all felt like winners.

10. Winning Made Her Sparkle!

There are other lottery winners who have been inspired by their childhoods when it came to spending some of their lucky lottery money.

Debbie Mather won $6 million back in 2005. For the most part, Debbie has been sensible with her winnings, with the odd treat thrown in for good measure.

But that didn’t stop her from thinking back to her time as a child, watching the sky as it was filled with fireworks. it inspired her to set up her own fireworks factory!

She now has a business selling fireworks that make other kids’ faces light up, and she can still enjoy something that made her so happy all those years ago. If you have the money, then why not!

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