Info & Help for Lottery24


Below you will find answers to common questions. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, then use our Contact page to get in touch.


How can I play?


Select the lottery you would like to play, click on "Play Now" and you will get a virtual coupon. Click on the numbers you wish to play, or use the random numbers function by clicking on the “Lucky Dip” button. Then click on "Add to shopping cart". To finalise the submission of your ticket check and choose the number of weeks and the desired draw days.


How can I pay?


The following payment options are available at Lottery24:


Credit cards – You can pay conveniently with Visa and MasterCard. All credit card payments are processed via an encrypted server connection. We do not save any credit card information.


Money transfer – You can pay by direct bank transfer. The amount transferred is credited to your customer account so that you can use your balance to pay. You are not required to transfer a specific amount; for example, if you transfer €50, you can still make a purchase of only €4.60. The remaining balance stays in your customer account and you can use it for future purchases.


Account balance – You may also pay for your purchases with your prizes. The prizes are handled as cash and are credited to your customer account. Therefore, you can pay with your account balance if it covers the purchase.


The range of payment options is constantly expanding and we make every effort to stay up-to-date with all payment possibilities.


What currencies can I play in?


When opening your Lottery24 account you can select your preferred currency. You can choose from GB Pounds, Euros or US Dollars.


Will I receive a confirmation after the purchase?


You will receive an email confirmation immediately after you have completed your purchase through Lottery24. The confirmation contains all the relevant information. Should you not receive our email, please check your spam folder and add Lottery24 to your safe sender list.


How can I review my previous numbers?


Under the menu item “My Account” you can find “Purchases”. By clicking this button, you can view all the numbers you have previously played.


How do I find out if and how much I have won?


You will be notified by email after each draw. This notification email will display all results, as well as the numbers matched and the prizes you won.


How are prizes paid out?


Prizes of up to €999.99 are credited to your account immediately after the draw. You can transfer prizes to your bank account easily. In case of prizes of €1,000.00 and above, Lottery24 must wait to receive the payment from the relevant lottery operator. Lottery authorities have waiting periods between three to twelve weeks. Payment occurs via an escrow service provided by an independent trustee (lawyer) acting in favour of our customers.


Can I participate in lotteries offered from outside my country?


Participation in the lotteries offered by us is possible in almost all countries. We offer exclusively state lotteries. In order to receive prize payments, you just need to have an account to which they can be transferred.


Is my data safe and secure?


Lottery24 takes data protection seriously. We make sure all of our customers' data is held securely at all times and is not passed on to any third parties.


Could somebody else reset my password?


Passwords can only be reset if any other persons have access to your account information, such as the account email address and the current password. If you would like to change/reset your password, you can do so at any time by going to the ‘Sign In’ button and selecting ‘I forgot my password’.


Are there any countries that may not play at Lottery24?


Some countries do have laws that restrict online Lottery purchases. Check with the regulations in your country before attempting to play online.


Who do I contact if I have any queries or suggestions?


You can contact Lottery24 customer support with any concerns you may have. Lottery24 customer service is always happy to help with any queries or questions you need answering, and all your suggestions are welcome.


Can I stop being a member at any time?


Yes, you can, by just sending an email to Lottery24 customer support. Should you no longer wish to receive newsletters, please modify your customer settings.


If you need more help, please contact Customer Support at