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A couple from Colorado in the USA have won $200,000 on the Cash 5 lottery, less than six months after winning a $3 million second-chance prize.

In November 2017, Paul M and his wife Kris won $3 million on a Colorado Lottery second chance drawing, and were busy celebrating their greatest luck yet. However, just a few months later they realised that their lucky streak was still ongoing, as they won the Cash 5 jackpot not once, not twice, but twelve times over. A lottery player from Iowa won his second $30,000 scratch card prize in a month recently, while a man from Michigan took home a jackpot on the Club Keno lottery for the second time in seven months.

The Cash 5 lottery pays out a maximum of ten jackpots at any one drawing, and after that, the $200,000 top prize is split between all winners. Because Kris had bought twelve tickets for the particular drawing, she took home twelve Cash 5 jackpots worth $16,666 each, a total of $200,000. A Connecticut lottery player recently won $100,000 on the Cash 5 lottery, all while on his lunch break.

The lucky Colorado Lottery winner used numbers 3, 10, 17, 23 and 31 on all of her tickets, numbers which are special to her because they are all birthdays or anniversaries of loved ones. And despite the fact that all of her tickets were for the same Cash 5 drawing with the same numbers, they were purchased from different retailers on different days.

Recently we told you about a Colorado Lottery player whose scratch card was rejected from the second chance lottery because it had actually won the jackpot the first time around, and back in November when the couple won their first Colorado Lottery prize thanks to Paul’s submitting a non-winning scratch card on the lottery’s website, the couple told Lottery officials that they had been stressed about their finances. Since then, they have paid off their mortgage, invested some of the money into their future, and given some away to their two sons.

Now, they can relax even more, with one of their sons, Luke, saying: “I’m into computers, I really love to build them. I always dreamed about walking into the computer store and picking out anything I wanted, it’s a pretty cool feeling.” A lottery player from Ontario in Canada was also able to relax about his finances after winning $25,000 a year for the rest of his life on the Dayly Grand Lottery.

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