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A man from North Carolina in the USA has proved to be one of the luckiest around when he survived a helicopter crash after winning on the NC Education Lottery.

Timothy Kniess, from Iron Station in North Carolina, bought a helicopter with the $100,000 that he won on the North Carolina Education Lottery in October, and credited his wife with the good luck on that occasion. A man from Kansas said he was feeling so lucky after his daughter was born he bought a winning $25,000 Kansas Lottery ticket.

“I’m married to Lady Luck,” the Education Lottery winner told lottery officials at the time. “When my wife scratched a ticket, she always wins something. I just buy them for her.” A Newfoundland woman had similar luck in the reverse order when she won big on the Lotto Max after a near-death experience.

The Education Lottery winner was attempting to fly the helicopter on the grounds of his home when the crash happened, and according to witnesses, the aircraft burst into flames as Mr Kniess crawled away from it. The NC Education Lottery winner stood nearby and watched around $34,000 of his lottery winnings burn, according to local press. We’ve told you previously about a lucky man from Dubai who survived a plane crash and then returned home to find he’d won on the Dubai Duty Free Lottery.

The crash happened at around 10:30am last Wednesday morning, and apparently the helicopter’s tail rotor hit a tree, causing the accident. The 56-year-old Education Lottery winner suffered minor injuries but is otherwise unharmed. “We have the understanding he was just attempting to hover, and that’s when the crash occurred,” said a NC Highway Patrol Trooper, adding: “The pilot was very fortunate he did not receive injuries more severe than he did.”

According to the NC Education Lottery winner’s wife, he didn’t recall how he got out of the helicopter after it crashed. “I tore the window so he could get out, but his feet were stuck and it was on fire. I ran to get the water hose, and when I came back he was out already.” A North Carolina woman won on the Education Lottery twice in one day recently, winning over $1 million in total, while a North Carolina Powerball winner planned to fulfil several of his biggest dreams after a $2 million win.

Unfortunately, there is now an investigation ongoing into whether the NC Education Lottery winner had a pilot’s license, and whether he should have been flying the helicopter at all.

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