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The Lottery that Connects Us

Buying a Christmas Lottery ticket transcends mere tradition; it's an act of connection. In Spain, it's customary to gift these tickets to family and loved ones, deepening the bonds that tie us together.

When you share a ticket, you share not just a chance at fortune, but a piece of your heart. 

So, why not embrace this beautiful tradition and connect with the people who matter most in your life and your community? 

Share the excitement, share the love.

Unlocking Spanish Lottery Magic

Different draws throughout the year keep the excitement alive in Spain. Amidst these, the Spanish Christmas Lottery shines brightest, illuminating December 22nd with dreams of fortune. This annual extravaganza is unparalleled, captivating millions. Following closely is El Niño on January 6th, another spellbinding event. Spanish National Lottery's allure knows no bounds.


El Niño lottery - How it Works   

Like the El Gordo de Navidad, El Niño is played differently than other lotteries. There are 50 series with 100.000 numbers each. This means that for each serie 100,000 pre-set tickets are printed with 5-digit codes between 00000 and 99999.   

Each ticket is divided into 10 shares. Individual shares of one ticket can be purchased by the players. These individual shares are called âdecimosâ, which means âthe tenth partâ. Each decimo amounts to one-tenth of a full ticket, so if that particular 5-digit number wins a prize, the ticket holder will then get a tenth of the prize available for that particular ticket.   

The amount distributed as prizes is 700,000,000 euros. The total amount of the prizes paid per each serie is â¬14.000.000. For each of the 50 series there are 3 big top prize categories to be won, as well as 14 smaller prize categories, with prizes ranging from the top one of â¬2,000,000 to the lowest being â¬200.