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A man from Hartford, Connecticut, has won a huge Cash 5 lottery prize, and his windfall was a big surprise thanks to his mother’s blurry vision.

Armando Ortiz wasn’t able to watch the Cash 5 lottery drawing on July 22nd, so because he had bought a ticket he asked his mother if she would watch the drawing and write down the winning numbers for him. The next day, Mr Ortiz checked the digits she had written down with those on the ticket he’d purchased, and he was pretty happy to see that four out of the five numbers were the same, winning him $300.Earlier this week we told you about another Connecticut Cash 5 winner who took home $100,000 at the end of July.

However, later that day the lucky Cash 5 winner went into a lottery retailer and scanned his ticket in order to claim his prize, and he received the shock of a lifetime when the machine read $97,328 instead of the $300 he was expecting. “I scanned my ticket in the ticket checker and thought, something’s wrong,” the lottery winner said, and he asked the store clerk for a print out of the Cash 5 winning numbers to double check. Recently a Connecticut man won $1 million on a CT Super Draw Lottery ticket gifted to him from his employees.

“When he gave me the print out he said, ‘You didn’t win $300, you won the top prize – $97,328!’” Mr Ortiz explained. Instead of matching four numbers, the lucky Cash 5 player had actually matched all five – 6, 15, 22, 23 and 33. “The funny thing is, my mother apologized for getting one of the numbers wrong,” the lucky winner laughed. “She wrote down 28 instead of 23. She said she couldn’t see well without her glasses on.” The leader of a Mega Millions winning syndicate from California originally thought her group had won $3,000 until she put her glasses on and saw it was $3.2 million, while another syndicate member, from Lincolnshire in England, thought she was looking at a pop-up ad when in actual fact her phone was showing her a £1 million EuroMillions win.

All’s well that ends well, and Mr Ortiz plans to put his unexpected Cash 5 winnings to good use. “I’m going to fix my car, give some money to my family and bank the rest,” he told Connecticut lottery officials. A Maryland truck driver who won $20,000 on a scratch off ticket also planned to pay off some bills and fix his girlfriend’s car.

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