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Italy's SuperEnalotto is easy to play
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Superenalotto is Italy's most popular lottery game, played by millions weekly. Launched in 1997, this record-breaking lotto is one of only a few lotteries worldwide that has no cap on the number of times it can roll over. This means the Superenalotto jackpot can grow to huge amounts.Playing Superenalotto is easy; just select six numbers from 1 to 90 for each line. There is a two-line minimum on all games, however ticket costs are low, so it's more than worth it.During the draw, six main numbers and one other number, known as the 'Jolly', are selected at random. If a player fails to match all six jackpot-winning numbers, matching the Jolly number could mean a sizeable consolation prize.There are 5 winning categories in total, from matching all six numbers to matching just 3 numbers.Superenalotto draws are held at 8pm thrice-weekly in Italy, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays; however, the game is open to players across the world.Just buy your ticket online at!