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Use your Lottery Win to own your own Island
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Use your Lottery Win to own your own Island

Going on holiday after your big lottery win is a popular choice to make. However, why not just go out and buy your own private luxury island with your winnings? There are plenty to choose from and all offer so much in terms of beautiful homes, views that will take your breath away and gorgeous beaches to spend your time relaxing on.

Villa Col du Eze

How do you fancy owning your own property on a private island in the Mediterranean? Thanks to your lottery win, that’s just what could happen. The Villa Col du Eze is available for just over £4 million and is close to the Volle Literal National Park. There are perfect views of the ocean for you to gaze at while relaxing. The nearest airport is in Nice and just 40 minutes away. There are fantastic restaurants for you to have a great time at too. Just think, buying a ticket from Lottery24 today, could change your life forever.


For £4.5m, you can head to Scandinavia and purchase the Kalvon island. It’s only 45km from Stockholm but will you want to go back to the mainland once you go to this idyllic private island? There are seven buildings on this island, including a main house and a two-bed cottage. There are other properties that can be renovated, so this could be a fantastic investment too. If you love fishing, then is an island that you will love becoming the owner of all thanks to your lottery success.

Bonefish Cay

The mere thought of owning a private island in the Caribbean is what dreams are made of. That’s what a big lottery win can do, so buy a ticket from Lottery24 today. This beautiful place can be found in the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas.

It used to be deserted but now it’s been turned into a gorgeous island with five buildings that you and your friends can stay in. They are all hurricane-proof, so that’s one worry less. With white sand beaches, a bird sanctuary and discovery trail, this really is a great purchase for £6.2 million, easily affordable after your lottery win.

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